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Matthew Review Test

Meaning of the word Bethlehem? House of Bread
Gift of magi that foreshadowed Jesus' death? Myrrh
Gift of magi that foreshadowed Jesus' priesthood? Frankincense
Gift of the magi that foreshadowed Jesus' royalty? Gold
Christ is the Greek version of the Hebrew word... Messiah
Earliest ancestor of Jesus mentioned in Matthew's genealogy? Abraham
After Jesus resurrects, He tells the apostles to go preach the gospel to all nations. This is called the Great Commissioning
Reading out of the Scriptures (their original meaning) Exegesis
John the Baptist is meant to represent the returned prophet Elijah
The return of Elijah is foretold in the book of the prophet... Malachi
Matthew's original name? Levi
Matthew's original profession before he followed Jesus? Tax collector
The root of the word Nazareth comes from the word... branch
How many sections does Matthew divide his gospel in? 5
Decade that Matthew was written? 80S
Scholars say that the author of Matthew is... technically anonymous
What percentage of Mark's gospel is replicated in Matthew? 80%
The very first thing in Matthew's gospel is the genealogy of Christ
Hebrew term for afterlife Gehenna
Hebrew term for the devil Beelzebul
Matthew's favorite title for Jesus? Son of David
"God with us" Emmanuel
Study of the end times Eschatology
"Unveiling" Apocalypse
Herod married his sister-in-law named? Herodias
John the Baptist has his... head cut off
Jesus says "it is finished" after He completes the Passover (by drinking a sip of wine while on the cross)
Herod the Great reminds Jewish readers of who? Pharaoh
Meaning of the word Beatitude? Happy
Greek word for church only seen in Matthew? Ekklesia
What piece of Scripture is being referenced in Matthew when Jesus gives Peter the "keys to the kingdom? Isaiah 22
Location of Matthew's original audience? Antioch (Syria)
Jesus takes the time to explain the meaning of which parable? Sower
What does Matthew call the kingdom? kingdom of Heaven (not God - too sacred to write)
How many generations are listed between Abraham and David? 14
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