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Health - Ch. 2

Food for Vitality

the ability to do work energy
contains sugar and starch carbohydrates
a nutrient that gives you energy for physical activity carbohydrate
nutrients you need the least amount of fats and oils
a nutrient that helps build and repair muscle tissue protein
a nutrient that helps your body eliminate waster materials fiber
vegetable oils and fish oils examples of unsaturated fats
vitamin C a vitamin that cannot be stored in the body
vitamin C citrus fruits contain this vitamin
vitamin B liver and wheat germ have all of this vitamin
vitamin A a vitamin that helps you see well
vitamin A deep yellow fruits and vegetables contain this vitamin
vitamin A a vitamin that contains carotene
vitamin D the sunshine vitamin
vitamin K alfalfa sprouts and green leafy vegetables contain this vitamin
vitamin K a vitamin that helps blood clot properly
calcium most common mineral found in our bodies
osteoporosis a disease caused by losing calcium from the bones
phosphorous the mineral that works together with calcium to help build strong bones and teeth
magnesium a mineral that is needed when your body does strenuous or long-endurance activities
iron important mineral that keeps your blood healthy
balanced diet contains all the nutrients necessary to keep you healthy
calories the amount of energy that is stored in foods
metabolism the process by which your body produces and uses energy from food
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