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SS Lesson 9

Post WWII/Cold War

Describe Europe after WW11. Europe was destroyed, and the USA became friend with them.
What was the main goal of the Marshall Plan? To help the countries recover from WW11.They became good friends with some of the countries they fought.
Describe the U.S. after WW11. The U.S. felt bad so they decided to help people recover from WW11. They were the Super powers. So was the Soviet Union.
What was the main purpose in forming the United Nations? Global Corporation
What was the Cold War? A War where there was no direct attack. It was a struggle between the S.U. and the U.S.
What was the difference in Ideology between the Soviets and the Americans? The Soviets believed in Democracy and we believed in communism.
What Contribute to the growth of the American economy following WW11? People were happy and wanted peace.
How did Americans change the way they lived in the 1950!!!!???? The Americans were making more money, had better jobs,shorter working hours,credit,and modern appliances created more leisure time or them.
Describe the Automotive Industry in the 1950s. Successful,more cars were sold.
What new Technologies changed life for Americans in the 1950s? Direct dial telephone,t.v.,Cars,ETC. No Internet was in households.
What event led to the Korean War? North Korean Forces invading South Korean.
What occurred at the end of the Korean War? U.S. Troops helped guard the borders zone. Between North Korean and South Korean.
What was the purpose of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization? Was to protect South Asian.
What happened during the Red Scare? Many Communist were arrested, Americans panicked.
Which event led to the Cuban Missile Crisis? Soviet were setting up Circular missiles in Cuba.
What was the Berlin Airlift? An airplane that flew food and fuel to West Berlin behind the Soviet Blockade.
What was the Arms Race? It is a race to see who can build more and better weapons than your enemy. In this case, the U.S. and the S.Union.
What was the cause of Cold War tensions? The S.U. wanted to spread Communism, while the U.S. wanted democracy.
How did President Kennedy respond to information that the Soviets were setting up nuclear missiles in Cuba? He told the Soviets that the U.S. Navy was going to block ships from putting any more missiles in Cuba. He declared they move out.
How did Cold War tensions affect Americans at home? Many feared that Communist spies were working the the government!!!!
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