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When and where was Columbus born? Genoa, Italy in 1451
Columbus's ship sunk in a battle off the cost of _______ in 1476? The cost of Portugal
Columbus makes merchant trips to______ and ________ from 1477-1482? Iceland and Guinea
Portugal was committed to discovering the ____ _____ to India via Africa? sea-route
A territory ruled by a distant state. Colony
To come forth. Emerge
A journey undertaken for a specfic purpose. Expedition
Supermacy over another. Domination
Narrow stretch of land that connects two larger landmasses. Isthmus
A business organization. Enterprise
A person who is sent to do religious or charitable work in a foreign country. Missionary
A resourceful or clever person. Ingenious
Generous in giving money or other help to the needy. Charitable
A learned person. Scholar
What are the 3 G's? God, Gold, Glory
The Nina was the _______ of the fleet and held _______ masts? Smallest, 4
What was the captain of the Nina? One of the Pinzon brothers
The Santa Maria had the nickname of ____________. La Gallega
Out of the 3 ships which was the slowest and fastest? Slowest- Santa Maria / Fastest- Pinta
Christopher Columbas started with 3 ships and ended up with ____. 1 ship
Which two countries signed? Spain and Portugal
Define Bull... A decrees or order issued by the pope
Portugal discovers Brazil in what year? 1500
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