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Utilization and Treatment Guidelines Montana

Name 3 of the 9 diagnostic imaging studies that may be appropriate following a shoulder injury. 1)X-Ray 2) Sonography 3) MRI 4) CT 5) MR Arthrography 6) Bone Scan 7) Venogram 8) Radio Isotope Scanning 9) Arthrogram (recommended if patient has metal implants)
What test should be administered to diagnose potential nerve involvement following a shoulder injury? Nerve Conduction Studies/ EMG Testing
What term is an ac joint injury frequently referred to as? Separated Shoulder
How many different grades of an ac joint injury are there? Grades 1-6 increasing in severity from simple sprain/strain being grade one to complete rupture of all ligaments and joint displacement being 6.
For the diagnoses of bicipital tendonitis how many weeks of conservative therapy are recommended before surgical intervention is to be considered? 12 Weeks
Is it common for a worker to develop adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) as a result of a primary work injury or occupational disease? No this is almost always a complication resulting from surgical intervention.
Following a steroid injection into the shoulder is physical therapy recommended? Yes, physical therapy almost always makes the result of the injection more effective
What occupational triggers are there that can cause a rotator cuff tear? 1) Sudden Trauma (fall with outstretched arm) 2) Chronic Overuse with repetetive overhead motion. 3) Moderate lifting done by de-conditioned workers.
True or False: Return to early full duty work in the course of healing for a tendon repair puts a worker at increased risk for re-tearing? True
What is the optimum and maximum amount of therapy sessions recommended following a rotator cuff repair? Optimum = 24-36 sessions Maximum = 48 sessions
Is fibromyalgia considered to be an occupational condition? No there is no quality epidemiological evidence that fibromyalgia is the result of a work related condition.
True or False: Use of viscosupplementation is accepted medical practice on the shoulder? False: Its use in the shoulder is not supported by scientific evidence at this time.
What are the three common in office physical tests performed to diagnose shoulder problems? Hawkins Test, Neer Test, Yergeson Test
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