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Unit 3 Med Term

Unit 3 Med Term - Integumentary System

cutane/o skin
hidr/o sweat
ichthy/o scaly, dry
kerat/o hard, horny
leuk/o white
myc/o fungus
onych/o nail
pil/o hair
py/o pus
rhytid/o wrinkle
scler/o hard
seb/o oil
trich/o hair
ungu/o nail
vesic/o bladder
xer/o dry
-opsy view of
-tome instrument used to cut
allo- other, different from usual
xeno- strange, foreign
another name for dermis corum
another name for subq layer hypodermis
intradermal pertaining to within the skin
dermatosis abnormal condition of the skin
dermatopathy skin disease
dermatoplasty surgical repair of the skin
anhidrosis abnormal condition of no sweat
hyperhidrosis abnormal condition of excessive sweat
lipoma fatty mass
necrosis abnormal condition of death
melanoma black tumor
melanocyte black cell
onychectomy removal of a nail
onychomalacia softening of nails
onychomycosis abnormal condition of nail fungus
onychophagia nail eating
pyogenic pus forming
rhytidectomy removal of wrinkles
rhytidoplasty surgical repair of wrinkles
seborrhea oily discharge
trichomycosis abnormal condition of hair fungus
ungual pertaining to the nails
erythroderma red skin
ichthyoderma scaly and dry skin
leukoderma white skin
pyoderma pus skin
scleroderma hard skin
xeroderma dry skin
cicatrix scar
comedo collection of hardened sebum in hair follicle (blackhead)
ecchymosis bruise
erythema redness or flushing of skin
eschar thick layer of dead tissue and tissue fluid that develops over a deep burn area
hirsutism excessive hair growth
hyperemia redness of skin due to increased blood flow
keloid raised and thickened hypertrophic scar after injury or surgery
keratosis skin condition involving overgrowth and thickening of epidermis area
nevus pigmented skin blemish, birthmark, mole
petechiae pinpoint purple or red spots from minute hemorrhages under skin
pruritus severe itching
purpura hemorrhages into skin due to fragile blood vessels
purulent containing pus or infection that is producing pus
suppurative containing or producing pus
urticaria hives
verruca viral warts
macule flat, discolored area flush with skin surface (freckle or birthmark)
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