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Oak Hill DC1.1 Historical Dates Objective Test

Fire of Rome under Nero 64
Climax of Jewish war with Fall of Jerusalem 70
Justin Martyr (birth) c100
Justin Martyr (death) 165
Irenaeus (birth) c130
Irenaeus (death) c200
Marcion (death) c160
Tertullian (birth) c160
Tertullian (death) c225
Origen (birth) c185
Origen (death) c254
Muratorian Fragment c190
Decian persecution 250/1
Arius of Alexandria (death) 336
Great Persecution began under Diocletian 303
Athanasius of Alexandria (birth) c296
Athanasius of Alexandria (death) c373
Apollinarius (birth) c310
Apollinarius (death) c390
28th October Battle of Milvian Bridge = Constantine Emperor 312
Edict of Milan ends persecution 313
Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History c324/5
Council of Nicaea 325
The Cappadocians era (begins) c330
The Cappadocians era (ends) c400
Constantius II Emperor (Arian) 337
Julian the Apostate Emperor 361
Augustine of Hippo (birth) 354
Augustine of Hippo (death) 430
Athanasius’ 39th Festal Letter 367
Cyril of Alexandria (birth) c376
Cyril of Alexandria (death) 444
Council of Rome (condemnation of Apollinarius) 377
Edict of Thessalonica from Theodosius (Christianity official religion) 380
Council of Constantinople 381
Nestorius (birth) c386
Nestorius (death) c451
Council of Hippo (canon) 393
Council of Chalcedon 451
Fall of Rome to Vandals 455
End of Western Empire 476
Benedict (birth) c480
Benedict (death) 550
Early Middle Ages era begins 500
Justinian I Emperor 527
Justinian I (death) 565
Mohammed (birth) c570
Mohammed (death) 632
Regional council at Toledo adds Filioque 589
Islamic conquests start from Syria to North Africa 600
Spain falls to Arab and Berber Muslims 711
Iconoclast controversy (begins) 726
Iconoclast controversy (ends) 843
Charles Martel stops Muslim invasion at Poitiers 732
Charlemagne (birth) 742
Charlemagne (death) 814
Seventh Ecumenical Council (= Second Council of Nicaea) (iconodule) 787
Christmas Day = Coronation of Charlemagne 800
Benedictine Cluny founded 909
Otto I crowned Emperor (Holy Romano-Germanic Empire) 962
Cathers era (-1299) 1000
Anselm of Canterbury (birth) 1033
Anselm of Canterbury (death) 1109
Mutual excommunication of Cardinal Humbert and Patriarch Michael Cerularius (of Constantinople) / High Middle Ages 1054
End of High Middle Ages 1300
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