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RELS 108 Test 2

anthropomorphic images of the Divine Divine is appears with human characteristics or attributes, even if it does not look human ex. talking dog, spirit god is close and immanent
non-anthropomorphic images of the divine divine appears as a non-human like entity ex. piece of bread, rock, fire god is close and immanent
Images of the Goddess model of a "female goddess" has been the prevailing image of god for majority of time
Images of the Goddess (cont.) Birth is the ultimate power and this why women were placed above men
Evidence of ancient goddess cultures statues that exagerrated female characteristics: the vulva, the breasts, menstruation Goddess has sacred places on earth: caves (represent womb), paintings on walls (females central) bodies buried in caves
Evidence of ancient goddess cultures(cont.) the moon- central image of the goddess, moon has cycles that represnt the natural cycle of life death (dark cycle of moon) is not to be feared, it is just a part of the cycle of life
Other images of the goddess birds, snakes, water, fish, triangles (vulva), spirals, labyrinths (caves). These images teach us that the goddess is a life giving nourisher, all creation is from the mother, humanity is not above nature, but a sibling to nature, all is connected
Why the shift from female to male god development of tools development of weapons humans begin to control nature survival not so precarious rise of the warrior
evidence of shift hebrew creation stories distance themselves from goddess culture: chaos= water serpent= devil eve/female = downfall of humanity nature = dominated/subdued
feminism the conviction that women are just as human as men and not a separate species
androcentrism what feminists fight against the belief that the male is somehow the norm inherent in our language at times christians don't allow women to do... muslims don't.... jews don't...
burning times/witch craze happened during spanish inquisition powerful women were labeled witches and burned at the stake
witch a powerful woman
patriarchy social organization marked by the supremacy of the father in the clan or family, the legal dependence of wives and children, and the reckoning of descent and inheritance in the male line: control by men of a disproportionately large share of power
ritual part of everyday life stem from and point back to what we onsider important
religious rituals part of the overall system of a religious community's life, stemming from and pointing back to what a community considers important avenue for SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES ex: prayer, kneeling, rising, meals, pilgrimages, baptism, marriages
types of rituals 1. rituals that allow communities to enter into their stories (Passover, Communion) 2. Rite of Passage (circumcision, baptism, bar mitzvah, weddings, funerals)
meanings of rituals adoration- dependence, surrender, and submission thanksgiving- everything that one has comes from the divine purification-must undergo a change before they approach sacred penance- make up for broken rules petition- ask for something specific
problems with rituals loss of meaning: when something becomes an everyday thing it can lose meaning quickly superstition
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