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hs test 2

what is holy? impersonal synonyms →do not refer to a specific tradition and they do not invoke a particular understanding of the divine.
Ineffable It cannot be contained with language. It cannot be SAID.
Numinous nonrational aspects of the holy. These are the aspects of God that do not make logical sense. ex Divine Paradoxes (like Jesus being 100% human and 100% divine at the same time
Transcendent the idea of God as a creator who is above and beyond his creation. The idea is that the creator is radically different and distant from his/her creation. ex In the Qu'ran, Adam and Eve are not made in the image of God
Immanent the ultimate is within rather than outside of things, holy dwells within ex. In Pieces of White Shell, the Divine was found in nature and in animals of all kinds.
Essentialists people believe it is possible to define the Sacred.
Non-essentialists These people do not believe it is possible to define the Holy with a universal definition
what is holy? Personal synonyms come from a specific religious tradition and invoke a particular understanding of the divine
Hierophanies things or persons in which the sacred is manifested. (Think of hieroglyphs which are sacred writing if it helps you remember.)
Time as Hierophany Liner Time (begins with creation, ends with apocalypse) vs. cyclical time (based on nature’s rhythm manifesting the holy)
Space as Hierophany all or earth being sacred (as in POWS)vs. certain locations being sacred
Persons as Hierophanies glimpses of Holy in interactions with other people (Buber’s I-Thou concept), Quaker idea of light present within all people, specific examples: Jesus as incarnation, Krishna as incarnation of Vishnu, Buddha
Things as Hierophanies plants, animals, earth, sky, relics like foreskin of Christ, crown of thorns, Buddha’s tooth, sacred books like Q’uran, Bible, chants, mandalas, icons
Intermediaries as Hierophanies these are beings or parts of the Divine that act like holy go-betweens. These usually occur in traditions that have an extremely transcendent view of God.
Profane means “outside of the temple,” it refers to anything that is not considered holy (i.e. the mundane, the ordinary). The profane is made up of all the things that are regular life. also known as SECULAR
SACRED the Divine—who is Ineffable, Numinous, Transcendent, & Immanent which is manifested in the world in hierophanies—things, people, places. Time, and intermediaries.
Canon a fixed collection of texts, from greek word meaning RULE
scripture oral tradition, letters poems hymns stories
spirituality Experience of the divine
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