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Black Ships Before Troy study guide questions

goddess of discourse who tossed down the golden apple eris
a prince who got what he wanted paris
goddess of beauty; what did she promise paris aphrodite; a wife as fair as herself if he gave her the apple
the wife of Zeus & queen of all the goddesses Hera
king of all the gods Zeus
goddess of wisdom Athena
Who was Oenone? Paris' wife (wood nymph)
parents of paris; what horrible thing did they do? priam & hecuba; abandoned him because soothsayers said he would burn down troy
king of Sparta & his wife (most beautiful woman) Menelaus & Helen
high king over greece agamemnon
known for his resourcefulness and cunning ways Odysseus
achilles' parents peleus & thetis
quote achilles gives before going to war "short life and long fame for me"
why is achilles angry with the high king? he took briseis away from him
what does thetis ask of zeus? to bring victory to the trojans
what does aphrodite threaten to do to helen if she does not go back to paris? turn every man against her
paris' brother; he sees paris getting ready and compares him to__________. hector; a girl getting ready for a party
who was andromache hector's wife who tells him not to fight because they just had a child
tallest & strongest of all the greek warriors; who does he fight? ajax; hector
who was dolon? trojan spy who is captured by greeks
lord of the ocean & earthquakes poseidon
who was patroclus? how does he die? achilles cousin & best friend; killed by hector because hector thought he was achilles (he had on achilles armor)
after a heated argument between achilles & the high king, who does achilles agree to fight? hector
how does achilles kill hector? & what "hideous" thing does achilles do to hector? stabs him in the neck w/ a spear; ties body to chariot and rode around with it
what is funeral pyre? wood burning for a dead body
who were the funeral games held for? patroclus
who convinced achilles to halt his mistreatment of hector? priam
who was the tamer of horses? hector
odysseus stole the _____ of troy? how? love; disguises himself with a veil
woman warriors brought by whom to troy for what reason? amazon; paris; fight trojans
what does bide mean? wait
who kills achilles & who foretold this would happen? paris; paris' brother hector
what does achilles heal mean? weak spot
who helped guide the arrow that killed achilles? q apollo
who fought over achilles armor? ajax & odysseus
what happened to ajax? kills himself he could not live with the disgrace of his madness
who killed paris? how? philocotetes; shot with a poison arrow
before he died, paris went to see whom? explain this person's reaction oenone; mad because he fell in love with helen but goes back to help him because she still loves him
who came up with the idea of building the wooden horse? odysseus
who warned the trojans of the dangers of the wooden horse? (2) laocoon & cassandra
who saves helen's life? odysseus
Created by: trobinson472