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Greece Review

Greece's geography consist of 75%? Mountains
What city-state was militaristic? Sparta
If one wanted to find philosophers and other cultural items what city-state would you go to? Athens
Pericles created what type of government in Athens? Direct Democracy
Pericles ultimately died of what cause? The Plague
A fortified hilltop was known as an? Acropolis
In a Direct Democracy who controlled over the government? citizens
What was the name of the war between Athens and Sparta? Peloponnesian War
Where did Alexander grow up? Macedonia
Who was Alexander's father? Philip II
A captive that was forced to work as a peasant was known as a ? Helot
What new military strategy did Sparta use? Phalanx
Who was the god of wine? Dionysus
He was the messenger god? Hermes
Which book told of the Trojan War? The Illiad
He was the father of history. Herodotus
Which leader spread Hellenistic culture? Alexander the Great
He was a student of Plato and built a school called Lyceum. Aristotle
Created by: rusty.lang