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What does Industry refer to? Manufacturing of goods in a factory.
In which four regions are 75% of manufacturing located? Northwestern Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern North America, and East Asia
What are the four main industrial districts in Western Europe? UK, Rhine-Ruhr Valley, Mid-Rhine, and Northern Italy.
Why are they important? Access to Raw Materials(Coal and Iron ore) and Access to markets(Wealthy Europeans)
What did UK produce the most? Cotton Fabric, Iron, and Coal
When did it begin? When innovative thinkers created mechanical devices that increased productivity.
What did it help spur? Social,political,and economic changes
Why is UK no longer the world's leading producer of goods? Factories became outdated and it introduced new high tech industries to Europe.
By what other ways has Britain attempted to attract businesses? 1. Lowering Taxes 2. Reducing government regulations 3. Converting government monopolies to private ownership.
What countries does the Rhine-Ruhr Valley contain? NW Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.
What delayed the Industrial Revolution from diffusing? Political instability and wars.
What was another problem? The development of railroads for transportation was slow: 1. Each European nation needed to work together to create an efficient system 2. It was difficult to get the governments together, so the process was delayed.
Which region is Europe's most important industrial area? Rhine-Ruhr valley.
What 2 raw materials are heavily concentrated in this region? Iron and Steel
What is the 2nd most important industrial region in Europe? Mid-Rhine, which consists of Southwest Germany, Northeast France, and Luxembourg
What are two important things about this region? It lacks the raw materials of the Rhine-Ruhr valley and it is at the center of Europe's consumer market.
Around which river did Northern Italy originate? Po River Basin
Why is this region attractive? Numerous workers willing to accept lower wages, and inexpensive hydroelectricity from the alps.
How many industrial districts does Russia have?(the main ones) 4 in the European part and 1 in the Asian part.
Which two were established in the 19th century? Central Industrial District and St.Petersburg
Which three were established in the 20th century? Volga, Ural, and Kuznetsk
Which is the oldest industrial center? Central Industrial District, centered around Moscow
What are 2 things about this region? It lacks raw materials and it is close to largest markets.
What does this area specialize in? Fabrics, Chemicals, and light industrial goods.
What is Europe's 2nd largest city and the 1st the build railways? St. Petersburg
What is so special about it? Close proximity to Baltic Sea. It specializes in ship building for the navy.
What does St. Petersburg also produce? Consumer goods for local market.
Which region grew during and after WWII? Volga Industrial District
What does Volga contain? Russia's largest oil and natural gas fields.
What is so special about Ural? Very wealthy in mineral resources from Ural Mountains.(Over 1000 minerals)
What is the Ural hindered by? Lack of energy resources, so coal and oil are shipped here.
What is so important about Kuznetsk? Most important manufacturing center east of the Urals. Also, largest supply of Coal in Russia, as well as abundant iron ore.
What do you get when you mix coal and iron ore? STEEL.
What does Eastern Ukraine have? Large reserves of coal, iron ore, and natural gas. It is Eastern Europe's largest producer of steel.
Which countries does Silesia contain? Southern Poland and Northern Czech Republic.
What does Silesia specialize in? Steel, due to large coal reserves, although iron ore must be imported.
By 1860, US was ____ only to the UK. 2nd
Around this time, what did US do? It exploited abundant food and lumber supplies, not steel and iron.
Where is manufacturing in North America concentrated in? Northeast US and Southeast Canada
What is special about this area? Abundant iron ore and coal, and access to waterways. There is also proximity to continent's major markets.
In which industry did New England develop in, in the 19th century? Textile Industry
What did New England import? Cotton from south, and exported finished products to Europe.
What is one asset here? European immigrants provided Cheap and abundant labor.
Which region is situated in the largest market? Middle Atlantic
Why do many industries that settle here rely on port cities? To import raw materials.
Which region developed in in upstate New York along Erie Canal? Mohawk Valley
Why is it attractive? Inexpensive hydroelectricity from Niagara Falls has attracted many businesses.
Which region was the greatest steel manufacturing sector in the U.S. during the 19th Century? Pittsburgh-Lake Erie
Why is steel centered here? Vast resources of the Appalachian Mountains.
Which city is the 3rd largest urban center in the US? Chicago
What was Chicago's greatest asset? Many transportation systems pass through Chicago.
Canada's industrial areas stretch along _______________ along the province of ____________. St. Lawrence River; Ontario
What is this region's greatest asset? Inexpensive hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls.
What are East Asia's 2 problems? Isolation(Transportation Costs) and Lack of Raw Materials.
What is their one abundant resource? Cheap Labor
Which country became an industrial power in the 1950s by producing goods(as well as higher end goods) at lower prices? Japan
Which country has now become the 2nd leading manufacturer in the world with the largest labor force? China
Industry wants to ________profits by minimizing ______. Maximize;costs
What 2 factors explain why industries are where they are? Situation and Site
Businesses try to limit transportation costs of what? Importing raw materials and Exporting finished product.
What is copper?(not definition) A bulk reducing industry
It's important that the early stages of the process are near what? The mines
Steel making is also what? A bulk reducing industry
How is steel created? An alloy of iron by removing impure elements and adding others.
Steel is ___________ than wrought or cast iron and is used to make what? more durable;Weapons, tools, and structure.
What is the difference between Wrought iron, Cast iron, and Pig iron? a)iron that is rolled into shapes, b) heated until liquid and poured into molds, and c) iron that is further processed.
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