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Medterms #3-#4

Table 3-1/4-4

inflammation of the appendix appendicitis
inflammation of a small sac of fluid ( bursa) near a joint bursitis
inflammation of soft tissue under the skin cellulitis
inflammation of the skin dermatitis
inflammation of the inner lining of the heart ( endocardium) endocarditis
inflammation of the epiglottis epiglottitis
inflammation of the stomach gastritis
inflammation of the liver hepatitis
inflammation of the muscle myositis
inflammation of the kidney nephritis
inflammation of bone and bone marrow osteomyelitis
inflammation of the ear otitis
inflammation of the peritoneum peritonitis
inflammation of the throat pharyngitis
inflammation of a vein with formation of colts thrombophlebitis
Cancer of cartilage tissue chondrosarcoma
cancer of fibrous tissue fibrosarcoma
cancer of visceral leiomyosarcoma
cancer of fatty tissue liposarcoma
cancer of bone osteogenic sarcoma
cancer of skeletal muscle rhabdomyosarcoma
malignant tumor of the liver hepatoma
malignant tumor of lymph nodes lymphoma
malignant tumor of pigmented cells in the skin melanoma
malignant tumor of pleural cells mesothelioma
malignant tumor of bone marrow cells multiple myeloma
malignant tumor of the thymus gland thymoma
disease condition of lymph nodes adenopathy
disease condition of the adrenal glands adrenopathy
disease condition of the liver hepatopathy
disease condition of the lymph nodes ( previously called glands) lymphadenopathy
disease condition of muscles myopathy
disease condition of nerves neuropathy
disease condition of bones osteopathy
disease condition of the retina of the eye retinopathy
excision of a gland adenectomy
excision of the adenoids adenoidectomy
excision of the appendix appendectomy
excision of the colon colectomy
excision of the stomach gastrectomy
excision of a piece of backbone to relieve pressure on nerves from a disk laminectomy
excision of a muscle tumor myomectomy
excision of lung tissue: total pneumonectomy or lobectomy pneumonectomy
excision of the prostate gland prostatectomy
excision of the spleen splenectomy
bone marrow fails to produce red blood cells, white blood cells, and clotting cells aplastic anemia
red blood cells are destroyed, and bone marrow cannot compensate for their loss hemolytic anemia
low iron levels lead to low hemoglobin concentration or deficiency of red blood cells iron deficiency anemia
the mucous membrane of the stomach fails to produce a substance that is necessary for the absorption of vitamin b 12 and the proper formation of red blood cells pernicious anemia
erythrocytes assume an abnormal crescent or sickle shape sickle cell anemia
visual examination of a joint arthroscopy
visual examination of the bronchial tube bronchoscopy
visual examination of the colon colonoscopy
visual examination of the urinary bladder cystoscopy
visual examination of the esophagus and stomach esophagogastroscopy
visual examination of the uterus hysteroscopy
visual examination of the abdomen laparoscopy
visual examination of the larynx laryngoscopy
visual examination of the mediastinum mediastinoscopy
visual examination of the sigmoid colon sigmoidoscopy
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