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1420-Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Cultural and Spiritual Concepts

Describes a particular society's entire way of living, encomassing shared patterns of belief, feeling and knowledge that guide people's conduct and passed down from generation. Culture
The intimate zone 0-18 inches
The Personal Zone 18"-3ft
The Social Zone 3-6 Feet
What group of people value territory with personal space of 18 inches to 3 feet? Northern European Americans
What group of people have a belief that health is from God whereas illness is a punishment from God or a retribution for sin and evil. African Americans
HTN and Sickle Cell Occurs Predominantly In Which group of people? African Americans
These individual tend to be the older generation Asians who hold on to the traditional values and practices of their native culture. They have strong Asian values. The traditionalists
These individuals reject the traditional values and totally embrace Western culture. Often they are members of the younger generations. The Marginal People
These individuals incorporate traditional values and beliefs with Western values and beliefs. They become integrated into the American culture, while maintaining a connection with their ancestral culture. Asian Americans
These individuals have little emphasis on the future. Native Americans
Silent and Reserved group of individuals Native Americans
Which group of people subscribe to the "hot cold theory". Latino Americans
Territory Valued Northern European Americans
Uncomfortable with touch Asian/Pacific Islanders
Uncomfortable with touch Native Americans
Touching common between members of same sex Arab Americans
Mental Illness viewed as a social stigma Arab Americans
Practice preventative health care Jewish Americans
Shaman may work with modern medical practitioner Native Americans
Reduce craving and find your soul's desire Transform your motivation
Heal your heart and learn to love. Cultivate emotional wisdom
A special kind of positive expectation Hope
Created by: hcperry