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stupid chapter 9

chapter 9

What are the three factors for development? Economic, Social, Demographic
What are the economic, social, and demographic factors? Economic: GDP Per Capita Social: Literacy rate and education Demographic: Life Expectancy
Why is the US ranked 10th in GDP? Due to life expectancy and education issues.
Which country is ranked lowest in GDP? Niger, with 0.281
What four economic measures are the most important? 1. Economic Structure 2. Worker Productivity 3. Access to raw goods 4. Availability of consumer goods
What the heck is a GDP? How much each individual adds to production(found by dividing GDP by population)
What country drives the average for GDP way up for LDCs? China
What do workers in the Primary sectors do? Directly extract materials from the earth through agriculture.
What do workers in the Secondary sectors do? Manufacturers that process, transform, and assemble raw materials into products.
What do workers in the Tertiary sectors do? Involves the provision of goods and services in exchange for payment.
What is productivity? Value of a product compared to the amount of labor needed to make it.
What is value added? Value of the product minus the cost of raw materials and energy.
Why did development slow down for Asia and Africa? When Europe began to run short of materials, they would export raw materials from these colonies to the homeland.
In MDCs, what are the bought goods and services related to? Transportation and Communication
Where does education receive higher % of GDP? LDCs
What decisions must countries make to protect health and welfare? Cut health care or Increase taxes.
What does HDI compute? Life expectancy.
What are the reasons for the discrepancy of IMR in MDCs and LDCs? Education of health care professionals and availability of medicine.
In which areas is Anglo America less diverse in? Language and religion.(English, Christianity)
In what areas is Western Europe culturally unified in? Language and religion.(Indo-European, Christianity)
What two causes caused the World Wars? Language and Religion.
Which countries make up the core of the world's highest development? Western Germany, Northeast France, Northern Italy, Switzerland, Southeastern UK, Belgium, Netherlands,and Southeastern Scandinavia.
Which countries make up the region which lags development, which is the reason why Wester Europe's HDI is 0.93? Southern Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Spain, and Portugal.
Why has the HDI of Eastern Europe declined? Because of history of Communist rule.
Where was the Iron Curtain situated? 15 Degrees East Longitude.
Why is the Japanese development surprising? Unfavorable ratio of Population:Resources.
Why is South Pacific not central to the global economy? Peripheral Location and Small Population
Why is Latin America very diverse? People trace their ancestors back to African Slaves and Indigenous Peoples
In Mexico, overall development is hindered by what factor? Income distribution.
Which country accounts for 1/3 of total world economic growth and has the 2nd largest economy? China
In which century was China passed by Europe as the wealthiest country? 16th Century
In which century has Chinese manufacturing increased dramatically? 21st Century
Where in China have countries had higher GDPs? Interior, Eastern
What are some weaknesses in China's economic performance? 1. Minimal quality control. 2. Primitive Banking 3. Poor Legal Protection 4. Increased Pollution
Which region nearly all products? Middle East
What are some reasons as to why women are restricted in many aspects? 1. Lack of political freedom. 2. Low education 3. Low Literacy rates 4. Lack of opportunity
Population growth in Asia was slow until what? Infusion of western medical technology.
Where is a large percentage of tin owned? Southeast Asia
Which region has 2nd largest population, 2nd lowest per capita income, high population density, and one of the largest NIRs? South Asia
Which country has 4th largest economy and 2nd in economic growth? India
What assets does Sub-Saharan Africa have? Large mineral reserves and low population density.
What 2 indices has the UN created to measure gender inequality? GEM and GDI
What are the 3 categories for female literacy? 1. Universal and equal among sexes. 2. Not universal, but equal among sexes. 3. Not universal, women's rates much lower.
What does GDI reflect? Improvements in standard living of women.
What does GEM measure? Ability of women to participate in achieving improvements.
What 2 categories is GEM calculated with? Economic(income and managerial jobs) Political(managerial and elected jobs)
Which region has the most women in office(in terms of %)? Northern Europe
Every country has a higher ___ than ___. GDI; GEM
What are the 2 ways for promoting development? Self sufficiency and International trade models.
Which model has been popular in the 20th century? Self Sufficiency
Countries promote self sufficiency by what 3 ways? Limiting imports by 1. Raising taxes 2. Setting quotas on goods 3. Requiring a license to import
What are 2 problems with the model? Inefficiency: government protects businesses so there's little incentive to improve quality. Large bureaucracy: Admin is large and complex, which leads to abuse and corruption.
What are the 5 stages of Rostow's Model? 1. Traditional Society 2. Preconditions for Takeoff 3. The Takeoff 4. The Drive to Maturity 5. Age of mass consumption
Describe the US's path to Stage 5. Stage 1- Prior to 1776 Stage 2- Early 19th century Stage 3- Middle 19th Century Stage 4- Late 19th Century Stage 5- Early 20th Century
What 3 problems have hindered development through International Trade Model? 1. Uneven Distribution 2. Market Stagnation 3. Increased dependence on MDC.
What were sold in MDCs in 1980s?2000s? Minerals(agriculture) and manufactured goods.
In what two ways do LDCs obtain money from MDCs? Loan from banks and Direct investment by transnational corporations.
What 2 sets of standards are used for Fair Trade? Workers on farms and factories, producers
What 2 things does fair trade require employers to do? Permit union organization and comply with environmental and safety standards.
What is the largest sector in LDCs? Primary
In the 1950s US, what was the largest sector? Secondary
What was the greatest economic asset in Eastern Europe? Abundant Raw Materials
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