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Christian Woman

definition of Mothers research associate in the field of child development and human relations
According to the National Assn. of Mental Health, every child needs..(8) love, acceptance, security, protection, independence, faith, guidance, control
Mothers of the Bible (5) Rebekah, Jochabed, Hannah, Mary, Lois & Eunice
According to Bonnie Shepherd, good citizenship begins at home with...(5) respect for others; kindness to others; cooperation; promptness; dependability
According to Nick Stinnett, the six principles of healthy families are... commitment; appreciation; good communication patterns; desire to spend time together; strong value system; ability to deal with crisis in a positive way
divorce stats In post WWII, 80% of children grew up in two-parent homes. Today, only 50% will do so.
Wallerstein's Study Children do not "bounce back" after a divorce; girls are more at risk for teen pregnancy; self-esteem based on relationship with father; boys are more at risk for aggressive behavior
Disturbing stats Half of the increased in child poverty is attributed to family disruption; over 70% of juveniles in reform institutions come from one-parent homes.
What a mother should do..(10) know your child; train up a child; teach responsibility, decision-making, and independence; convey your love to your children; love their father well; pray for your children; model the Christian servant; be there for them; use strict loving; teach Jesus
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