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CMS 7th SS Ch 16

Chamberlain Middle School 7th Grade SS Chapter 16

What best summarizes how the forests affected the early Maya? They made farming hard but provided valuable resources.
Maya cities included large stone pyramids and temples
Which is the best summary of Maya society The lower classes provided food and labor and the upper class led religious ceremonies
THe three reasons the Spanish came to the Americas. to explore new lands, to search for gold, and to spread the Catholic religion
What did the Spaniards unknowingly bring with them that helped them conquer the Aztecs deadly diseases, such as smallpox
Describe the role that horses played in the conquest of the Aztecs Horses were large and powerful and the Aztecs were terrified of them
The sons of Aztec nobles were sent to special schools to learn to be government officials, military leaders, or priests
describe life for lower-class Incas Parents taught their children how to work, Most lower-class children did not go to school, and Inca law forced lower-class citizens to wear plain cloths
What event took place soon before the Spaniards arrived and led to the fall of the Inca Empire? a civil war
Why whas the Inca road system important The roads connected all parts of the empire
The maya cleared parts of the forest to grow Maize or corn
Maya in the highlands traded obsidian and _____________ for forest goods and cotton from the lowelands jade
The Maya king was thought to be related to _______________ gods
Increased _______________ between Maya cities may have led to the civilization's decline warfare
The Aztecs built their capital city on a(n) ______________ in central Mexico island
Just below the Aztec emperor and nobles was the class of priests and _______________ warriors
The Aztec emperor believed that Hernan Cortes was a _______________________ god
In the Mid-1400's a ruler named ________________ began to expand Inca territory Pachacuti
The Incas were known for their expert ________________ or stonework masonry
Imn 1537 ________________ defeated the last of the Incas Pizarro
Civilization that started in the lowlands of northern Guatemala Maya
A part of something aspect
Buildings used to study astronomy observatories
Raised roads across water or wet ground causeways
Floating gardens built by the Aztecs chinampas
Civilization that built the city of Tenochtitlan Aztec
A group of Spanish soldiers conquistadors
A reason for doing something motive
Leader of the invasion of Aztec lands Hernan Cortez
One of the Aztec gods Quetzalcoatl
Inca capital Cuzco
Official language of Inca Empire Quechua
Labor tax system used by the Incas Mita
Civilization that began in what is now Peru Inca
To divide amoung a group of people distribute
Inca leader who was captured by the Spanish Atahualpah
Created by: wjewell