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Middle Ages

As the Roman Empire fell various groups from the: North and East moved into former Roman lands.
By early A.D. 500s, Europe was divided into many small kingdoms, beginning of * Middle Ages* ( A.D. 500- 1500)- In between ancient times and modern times- another name * Medieval*- Latin
Beginning of Middle Ages- Many of the kingdoms in northern Europe were not Christian.
Christianity slowly: Spread to these areas- Missionaries and Monks
Who? People try to convert others to a particular religion.
Pope: Was the most powerful force that caused Christianity to spread to northern Europe.
Pope sent missionaries to spread the religion: 1st- Britain 2nd- France and Germany
Not all missionaries were sent by the Pope: " Saint" Patrick: mid- 400s traveled from Britain to Ireland to convert people to Christianity- traveled alone- he was successful in eventually converting the Irish to Christianity.
Who? Religious men who lived apart from society in isolated communities- in monasteries- prayed, worked, and meditated.
Monasteries were built all over: Europe in the Middle Ages- strict rules for way of life.
Benedictine Rule: Code of Italian rules Benedictine monks followed( not all monks)
Monks had a big influence in Europe- helped the poor and needy: - Ran schools and copied books for illiterate people. - Collected and saved ancient writings from Greece and Rome - Served as scribes and advisors to local rulers
Helped spread Christianity to: Remote locations
As Christianity was spreading to northern Europe, government changed
A.D. 480s Franks( powerful group) took over Gaul
Clouis Leader that spread Christianity to France and created one of the strongest kingdoms in Europe
Charlemagne Late 700s brilliant warrior and strong king; led the Franks in building a huge empire; Christian king.
Spent much time at war Empire eventually spread from France to Germany, Austria. Italy, and northern Spain conquered much of the old Roman Empire.
Christmas Day in A.D. 800, Pope Leo 3: Crowned him Emperor of the Romans ( symbolized a return to the greatness of the Roman Empire)
Built schools across Europe; brought scholars to teach in Aachen( capital) now western Germany; teachings helped shape religious and social life in Europe for centuries.
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