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History of SE Asia

What is nationalism? the belief that people should be loyal to their nation, history, customs, language, etc.
What is a nationalist movement? When citizens come together to "fight" for independence
What European country colonized India? British
What Hindu organization was formed to protest the British colonization of India? Indian National Congress
What Muslim organization was formed to protest the British colonization of India? Muslim League
Why did many Indians join the Allied forces in WWI? The British promised them more independence if they helped fight in the war.
What law was created by the British to arrest Indians citizens without these individuals being given a trial? Rowlatt Act
What individual is well-known as being the nationalist leader for India? Mohandas Gandhi
What strategy does Gandhi use to protest against the British? Civil disobedience
What massacre saw a large number of Indians being killed unjustly by British soldiers? Armitsar Massacre
Gandhi often fasted to get the attention of the British or of his Indian countrymen. What is fasting? Going without food (and sometimes water)
When does India gain their independence from the British? August 15th, 1947
What happens to India shortly after the British leave the country? India is partitioned into East and West Pakistan
What led to the partition of India? The religious differences between Hindus and Muslims
What country colonized Vietnam? France
Who was the nationalist leader of Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh
What political system does Ho Chi Minh bring into Vietnam? Communism
What Vietnamese group was formed with the purpose of ending French rule? Vietminh League
Following the departure of the French from Vietnam in 1954, what "Conference" started the U.S. involvement in Vietnam? Geneva Conference
The Geneva Conference partitioned Vietnam into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Who control each part? North Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh and the communists South Vietnam-Pro-democracy citizens and the U.S.
What was the ultimate effect of the United States withdrawing from Vietnam in 1975? Vietnam was reunited and became one communist nation.
What was Mohandas Gandhi's nickname and what did it mean? Mahatma and "Great Soul" (He was also called Bapu which meant "father".)
How did the United States end WWII? The dropping of two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What was General MacArthur's role immediately following the war? To help rebuild Japan's government
What type of government does MacArthur help to establish in Japan? Constitutional Monarchy
What is the name of Japan's legislative branch? Diet
How does the role of Japan's emperor change after WWII? He went from being a supreme leader (considered "god-like" to having only a ceremonial role.
Japan was required to pay back damages to the Allied Powers for their role in WWII? What term means to "pay back for damages caused"? reparations
Under Japan's new constitution when is the only time that they can fight in a war? Only if they are attacked first (they cannot attack first)
What was the Long March? When Mao Zedong and the communists fled to the mountains to escape the nationalist government?
During WWII, the communists and nationlists joined forces to do what? Defeat the Japanese and force them out of China
In 1949, The People's Rebuplic of China was formed under the leadership of whom? Mao Zedong
Who was the Red Army? The communist soldiers that continually fought against democratic advances
What are collecive farms? where individuals work together to grow crops and then share the crop or profit
What was the Great Leap Forward? Mao Zedong's economic attempt to better China's economy through the agricultural worker
Was the Great Leap Forward successful? No. Mass numbers of individuals were killed due to crop failures and famine. It was often nicknamed "The Giant Leap Backward".
What was the Cultural Revolution? Mao Zedong wanted to return China to traditional communist views. He wanted to do away with private enterprise and eliminate the "classes" that are started to form in China. Anyone that was wealthy, educated, or pro-democratic became targets.
Who were the Red Guards? Teenagers and young adults that were given power by Mao Zedong to hunt down individuals not supporting the views of the Communists.
What individual comes to power in China after Mao Zedong? Deng Xiaoping
What event happened in Beijing, China in 1989? Tinanmen Square
What was the goal of students protesting at Tinanmen Square? To earn more democratic rights for the citizens of China
What was the effects of Tinanmen Square? Students were killed because of their beliefs, the government wins this battle, and Chinese citizes to this day are hesistant to speak out against the government.
What statue was built and displayed in the Tinanmen Square to be a symbol of freedom (it was modeled after the Statue of Liberty)? The Goddess of Democracy
What was the Cold War? A 40+ year period of extreme tension between the United States and the USSR (Soviet Union)where war was constantly being threatened.
What were two wars that the United States fought in Southeast Asia as a result of the battle between commumism and democracy? Vietnam War and the Korean War
What line separates North and South Korea? 38th parallel
What was the outcome of the Korean War? The Korean War was ultimately a stalemate, and to this day, North Korea is still controlled by communist forces and South Korea is democratic.
What was the Domino Theory? The idea that if one country fell to communism that countries surrounding this nation were more likely to become communist as well.
What was containment? A governmental policy where the United States worked hard to stop commuism from spreading. The U.S. tried to "contain" commuism.
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