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Health - Ch. 1

Your Transportation System

powerful muscle that keeps your blood constantly flowing cardiac muscle
the smallest vessels in your body capillaries
collect blood from the capillaries and return it TO the heart veins
the liquid part of your blood plasma
the part of your blood that carries digested food throughout your body plasma
these help fight pathogens (or germs) antibodies
these help your blood to clot platelets
the important mineral that gives the red blood cells their color iron
the type of cells fight that fight infection white blood cells
a blood clot on your skin scab
the upper chamber of your heart atrium
the lower chamber of your heart ventricle
little doorlike flaps that allow or stop blood flow valves
part of your heart that supplies blood to the lungs pulmonary artery
the number of miles of "pipeline" that travel to all parts of your body 60,000
the continuous flow of blood around and around the body circulation
largest artery in the body aorta
the expanding of the arteries after each heartbeat pulse
two large veins that enter the heart vanae cavae
enlarged veins near the surface of the skin varicose veins
the pressure of your blood against the arteries blood pressure
blood vessels that carry blood AWAY from your heart arteries
a child has this much blood in their body 3 quarts
makes up 50% of your blood plasma
sound of your heart beating is ... the sound of the valves closing
your body needs this much rest each week one full day
be able to name 2 things that help keep the heart healthy 1)exercise and 2)rest
be able to list 4 ways to protect your heart 1)avoid alcoholic beverages 2)refuse all forms of tobacco 3)lower cholesterol buildup 4)become physically fit
the type of cells that carry oxygen red blood cells
Created by: kdeangelo