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Ch.8 BNS


What type of muscle is responsible for the movement of your body through the environment? striated
You have precise control over the movement of your fingers, probably because: they have few muscle fibers per motor neuron
What is the name given to the synapse where a motor neuron's axon meets a muscle fiber? neuromuscular junction
Would slow-twitch or fast-twitch muscles be especially important when running up a flight of stairs at full speed? fast-twitch muscles
A proprioceptor is sensitive to the: position and movement of a part of the body
A sudden stretch of a muscle excites a feedback system that opposes the stretch. This message starts in the: muscle spindles
Which type of proprioceptor responds to increases in muscle tension? Golgi tendon organ
Very brief electrical stimulation of the motor cortex results in: muscle twitching
The premotor cortex is active during what and less active during what? active during preparations for a movement and less active during the movement
People with damage to the parietal cortex appear to lack ________ related to voluntary movements. feelings of intention
Axons of the dorsolateral tract extend to what area? spinal cord
The symptoms of cerebellar damage resemble those of: intoxication
The cerebellum appears to be critical for: certain aspects of attention
The structure composed of the caudate nucleus, putamen, and globus pallidus is the: basal ganglia
What is one of the main symptoms of Parkinson's disease? difficulty initiating movements
The immediate cause of Parkinson's disease is the: gradual, progressive death of neurons in the substantia nigra
Although several genes have been found to be more common among people with Parkinson's disease, these genes are: small contributors to the incidence of late-onset Parkinson's disease
Although Parkinson's disease is usually limited to old people, it has occurred in a small number of young people that: used a designer drug
L-dopa is most effective: in the early to intermediate stages of Parkinson's disease
Which parts of the brain deteriorate most strongly in Huntington's disease? the caudate nucleus, putamen, and globus pallidus
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