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Eucharist Ch. 1-5

2nd Grade Eucharist Test

is the sacrament that frees us from original sin and gives us new life in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. In this sacrament we are joined to Jesus and become members of the Catholic Church. Baptism
is the mystery of one God existing in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Trinity
is the sacrament that completes the grace we receive in Baptism. Confirmation
is our most important way of praying to God. Mass
is the sacrament in which the Body and Blood of Christ is made present under the form of bread and wine. Eucharist
is the consecrated bread and wine that we receive at mass. Holy Communion
is a large, brightly decorated, wooden box which contained the Ten Commandments. It celebrates God's presence. Ark of the Covenant
is the person who proclaims the Word of God at mass. He or she reads from the Old and New Testaments. Lector
is the table in the church on which the priest celebrates mass. Altar
is the Lord's Day. This is when we gather to celebrate mass. Sunday
is kindness and forgiveness offered to another. When we sin we ask God for this. Mercy
is who God chose to rescue the people of Israel. God spoke to him near the burning bush. Moses
is a talk given by the Priest to help understand God's Word. Homily
grows in us when we listen and remember. It is like seeds spread by the farmer in the story. God's Word
is a prayer that calls for God's power and care upon some person, place thing or activity. It is offered at the end of mass when the priest tells us to go in peace. Blessing
is a gift given to God to give him thanks. Jesus' death on the cross was the greatest. sacrifice
are the holy writings of Jews and Christians collected in the Old and New Testaments. Sacred Scripture
is a prayer in the form of a poem. psalm
is the first part of the Bible that tells how God prepared the people for the coming of Jesus. Old Testament
is the second part of the Bible that tells about Jesus and the early church. New Testament
is the good news of God's love for us. Gospel
is an explanation by the priest of God's word. homily
a summary of what people believe. Creed
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