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Common Treatments for the Musculoskeletal System

amputation surgical removal of a partial or complete limb
anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL) arthroscopic surgery that replaces a torn AC ligament with a graft
arthrodesis surgical fusion of a joint
arthroplasty surgical reconstruction of a joint
arthroscopy surgical procedure performed on joints with an arthroscope
arthrotomy surgical opening of a joint
bone graft piece of bone taken from a healthy site to be used to replace a bone or defect of another site
bunionectomy surgical removal of the great toe bursa and bone
capsulorrhaphy suture of a tear in a joint capsule
carpal tunnel release surgical cutting of the wrist ligament to relieve nerve pressure
cast application of a solid material to immobilize an area of injury, fracture or dislocation, usually made of plaster of Paris
chondroplasty arthroscopic surgery to smooth articular cartilage
fasciectomy surgical removal of fascia
laminectomy surgical removal of a portion of a vertebra to remove disc tissue
meniscectomy surgical removal of knee cartilage
microdiskectomy surgical remvoal of ruptured disc using small incisions and minimal approach
microvascular anastomosis use an operating microscope to repair minute blood vessels and nerves
neurolysis freeing a nerve from surrounding scar tissue
ostectomy surgical removal of a bone or a portion of the bone
osteoclasia intentional breaking of a bone to correct a deformity
reduction restoring a fracture to normal position
resection surgical removal of a portion of a bone, muscle, joint, tendon, or ligament
revision arthroplasty surgically redo a joint replacement, due to a failure or loosening of replaced components
spinal fusion surgical union of two or more vertebrae by bone grafts, pins, plates, rods, or cables
synovectomy surgical removal of the synovium or tissue lining the joints
total joint replacement surgical reconstruction by implanting a prosthetic joint
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