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JAT Islam

6th Gr. JAT Chapter 11 - The Rise of Islam

Describe the geography of Arabia. It is a huge peninsula in southwestern Asia. It lies south of the Fertile Crescent and east of Egypt.
What nations does the region of Arabia contain? Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman
What is the climate of Arabia like? Some of Arabia is desert but the coastal areas receive enough rain to support agriculture.
Where did towns and trade develop in Arabia? In fertile regions, at desert edges and oases.
What linked Ancient Arabia with Egypt and the Fertile Crescent? Trade.
What does Islam mean? "Submit to the will of God" in Arabic.
Where did Islam develop? In the Arabian region.
What are followers of Islam called? Muslims
What is the most important book of Islam? Quran
What are oases? Green areas in a desert fed by underground water.
What is a sheikh? The leader of an Arab tribe
What is a caravan? A group of traveling merchants and animals
What is the Quran? The Holy Book of Islam
What are Bedouins? Desert herders who traveled from oasis to oasis for water to graze their camels, goats, and sheep
Who was Muhammad? Born in 570 a.d. he was the founder of Islam whose words are recorded in the Quran
What is Makkah? Also known as Mecca, it became the largest and richest trading area in Arabia. It was a crossroads for merchants and it was an important religious site.
Where is the Holiest place in Arabia? In the city of Mecca.
What is a Kaaba? Mecca's temple, a low square building surrounded by statues of gods and goddesses. Arabs believe the great stone inside the Kaaba was from heaven.
What is Madinah? "The city of the prophet" - Yathrib welcomed Muhammad and his followers and so was renamed Madinah
What is the purpose of the five pillars of Islam? Five basic duties of all Muslims - purpose was to strengthen Muslims' ties to Allah and to other people.
What does Allah mean? Arabic word for God
What is a pilgrimage? A journey for a religious purpose
What is Hijrah? Arabic for "migration" or "breaking off relationships" - Muhammad's hijrah marked the turning point in Islamic history. The year of the Hijrah, 622 a.d. marks the starting point of Islamic calendar. In 622, Muhammad moved from Makkah to Yathrib (Madinah)
What are the five pillars of Islam? Belief, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage
How many times should Muslims pray per day? Five times a day
What city must Muslims face while praying? Makkah (Mecca)
How are the Five Pillars similar to the Ten Commandments? They are both God's rules that people should obey.
When do Muslims fast? From dawn to dusk during the month of Ramadan.
When did Muhammad die? In 632 a.d.
What is a caliph? A successor to the Messenger of God.
What is the Sunna? The customs based on Muhammad's words and deeds.
What role do the Quran and Sunna play in Muslim daily life? Islam's law code covers all areas of Muslim daily life; it applies the teaching of the Quran to family life, business and government.
What do Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have in common? They are both montheistic religions, have prophets and rules which the people should obey.
What are some things that the Quran says not to do? Eat pork, drink liquor, and gamble.
Created by: ImJaneG