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Cody 7th Gr. SS

North Africa - Chapter 16 - Egypt

Where will you find Egypt? Northern Africa
What river will you find in Egypt? Nile River
What landform makes up most of Egypt? Desert
What percent of Egypt is inhabited by people? 4%
What is the claim to fame of the Nile? It is the longest river in the world.
Where does the Nile River empty? Mediterranean Sea
What is a delta? Area formed from soil deposited by a river at its mouth.
What do you call the small particles of rich soil deposited by the river? silt
Why is the river bank of the Nile good for farming? The silt was left behind during floods.
What is the name of the triangle shaped peninsula that jutts into the Red Sea? Sinai Peninsula
What body of water seperates Egypt from the Sinai Peninsula? Suez Canal
Why is the Suez Canal so important? It is the passageway from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. Otherwise, ships would have to travel all the way around Africa.
What desert is East of the Nile River? Eastern Desert (Arabian Desert)
What desert is West of the Nile River? Libyan Desert
What is the capital of Egypt? Cairo
Which desert covers 2/3 of Egypt? Libyan Desert
The Eastern Desert and the Libyan Desert are a part of what larger desert? Sahara Desert
What is the climate of Egypt? Desert climate...hot in summer and mild winters. There is very little rain
What is the main economic contributer of Egypt? Farming
What are Egypt's major crops? Cotton, sugar cane, fruits and vegetables
What is the name of the largest dam on the Nile River? Aswan High Dam
What are the benefits of the dams on the Nile River? They can store water for months behind the dams. This way the farmers can grow three differnt times a year.
What are the challenges that the dams of the Nile River cause? They block the flow of silt. This means the land is not getting fertilized like it used to.
What does Egypt export? Petroleum products (oil)
What is the name of the mineral salt used in fertilizer? Phosphorus
Who ruled ancient Egypt? Pharoahs and Kings
What do you call picture writing? Hieroglyphics
What did they make paper from in early Egypt? Papyrus
What did the Egyptians develop to keep track of the growing season? Calendar
What is the major religion of Egypt? Muslim
What type of government does Egypt have? Republic - president
Most of the Egyptian population lies within how many miles of the Nile River? 20 miles
Waht do you call the farmers that live in villages and farm small plots of land that they rent from landowners? They plant only enough to feed their families. Fellahin
What is a bazaar? A marketplace
What are mosques? They are places of worship for followers of Islam.
Created by: cunninev