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Cody 7th Gr. SS

Southwest Asia - Chapter 17 - Israel

How big is Israel? Slightly smaller than New Jersey
What mountains lie in the north of Israel? Mountains of Galilee
What plateau lies to the east of the Mountains of Galilee? Golan Heights
What body of water is to the south of Israel? Dead Sea
What is so special about the Dead Sea? The shores of the Dead Sea are the lowest place on Earth. It is also the saltiest body of water.
What desert covers half of Isreal in the south? Negev
What body of water is west of Israel? Mediterranean Sea
Describe the climate of Israel. North Israel has a Mediterranean Climate (hot summers and mild winters). South Israel has a desert climate (120 degrees in the summer)
What is Israel's major agricultural export? Citrus fruits
How do the farmers of Israel get crops to grow in the desert? They use fertilizer and drip irrigation
What is drip irrigation? The farmers use computers to release specific amounts of water from underground tubes right to the roots of the plants.
What do you call the farm settlement where the people share all of the property and produce clothing and electronic equipment? Kibbutz
What kind of settlement is in Israel where the pople share in farming, production and selling of crops but each person has some private property? Moshav
Where is the largest manufacturing center of Israel? Tel Aviv-Yafo
What do they manufacture in Israel? Electronics, Clothing, chemical and machinery
What minerals will you find in Israel and where? Potash - Dead Sea Area & Copper and Phosphate - Negev area
What two peoples make up Israel? Palestinians (20%) and Jews(80%)
Who was the ancient king of the Jewish people of Israel? King David
What was the capital in King David's time? Jerusalem
What religion was one of the first to emphasize one God? Judaism
What were the settlements known as when the Jews were ordered out of the land by the Romans? Diaspora - scattering of a people
What was the mass imprisonment and slaughter of European Jews during WW II? Holocaust
Who was Israel's first leader? David Ben-Gurion
In 1993, Israel agreed to turn over two areas to the Palestinians. What were they? West Bank and Gaza Strip
Where is the West Bank? It is on the West bank of the Jordan River surrounding Jerusalem.
Where is the Gaza Strip? It is on the Mediterranean Sea near Egypt.
What kind of government does Israel have? Democratic Republic - President and Prime Minister
What do you call the Israeli parliament? Knesset
What is the Law of Return? Jews anywhere in the world can come to Israel to live.
What is the capital of Israel? Jerusalem
What religions are dominant in Israel? Christianity, Muslim and Jewish
What do you call the religion that practice belief in one god? Monotheism
Created by: cunninev