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China Test

Test: Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Huang river a river from the Tibetan plateau, across northern China, and into the Yellow Sea
North China Plain A large, lowland region of eastern China that is watered by the Huang river, birthplace of Chinese civilization
loess a fine, yellow soil that is eaisly carried away by wind and water water, found in China
erosion the gradual wearing away of soil and rock by wind, glaciers, or water
famine a widespread lack of food resulting in starvation and hunger
steppe a dry, grassy, treeless plain found in Asia and eastern Europe
dynasty line of rulers who belong to the same family.
oracle bones in ancient China, a cattle or sheep bone was used to predict the future.
Shang Oldest and first dynasty
Shihuaungdi First emperor under Chin dynasy
Han Gaozu Fiest emperor of the Han Dynasty
Confucius He was influential, Chinese, and a scholar, and believed in tradition and people following traditional roles
Shang Dynasty's focus Worships ancestors
Han Dynasty's focus to be noble, just, and to unhold praticle society
Quin Dynasty's focus That legalism people are bad and need law, also form united empire
Analects from Confucianism collection of thoughts and ideas of Confucius
The Mandate of Heaven What a ruler has, (The right to tell people what to do because he knows.
Artifacts from Han are: Paper, Civil Service Based on Merit, Wheelbarrow, Silk Road, Poetry
Artifacts from Quin are: Standerdized Coinage, Great Wall, Roads, Terricotta Warroirs, Irrigation Pump
Artifacts from Shang are: Ritual Axe, Bronze Ritual Vessles, Oracle Bones, Writing, Casting Kiln
The values of Confucianism are about what? Tradition
What is the little red book? The little red book is a book created be chairman mao which has quotes that he created himself and are like rules and sayings that the people of china should follow and do.
WHy was Re-education happening? The government would re-educate anyone who didn't know Chairman Mao's rules and communism
What was up with Rashion Tickets? They were used during the culteral revolution and you would rade in rashion tickets for food and other necessities. (another form of money)
Why is communism appealing? Because the government takes care of you
What exactly is Communism? A system with no onwership of goods
What exactly is Capitalism? Economic system with ownership of goods
Created by: bridge13