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Med Word Building

plurals, prefixes, suffixes, combining forms

amygdalo/o almond shaped structure
chemonucle/o chemical/dissolution
cistern/o reservoir
dendr/o tree, branching
plex/o interweave
sulc/o furrow/ditch
hypn/o sleep
phil/o love, attraction to
epidur/o upon or outside dura mater
lamin/a and /o thin flat plate/layer
lob/o well-defined part of organ
rhiz/o relating to a root
thalam/o brain division/ovoid mass
cata- down
listhesis- slippage
ana- up (anabolism: building up of body substance)
blast- embryonic, immature (as in cell)
cata- down
choledoch/o common bile duct
enter/o intestines
hidr/o sweat (hidropoiesis: formation of sweat)
hist/o tissues
-ior pertaining to (ex. anterior)
celi/o belly, abdomen
proct/o anus, rectum
pylor/o pyloric sphincter
sialaden/o salivary gland
stomat/o mouth
amyl/o starch
steat/o fat
-ic pertaining to (adjective)
-eal pertaining to (adjective)
-ac pertaining to (adjective)
-ive pertaining to (adjective)
-al pertaining to (adjective)
-an pertaining to (adjective)
-ar pertaining to (adjective)
-ay pertaining to (adjective)
-able capable of (adjective)
-ible capable of (adjective)
-ia condition (noun)
-iasis condition (noun)
-ism condition (noun)
kerat- cornea
blenn- mucus
noci- pain, injury
cholangi/o bile vessel
vesic/o urinary bladder
-clasis fracture/break
desis binding or fixation of a bone or joint
-icle small, minute, little
-ole small, minute, little
-ula small, minute, little
-ule small, minute, little
-in not
dys- difficult/abnormal
-ine a substance (endocrine)
-tropin stimulating the function (endocrine)
-uria urine condition (endocrine)
oxy- rapid, sharp (oxytocia: rapid birth)
-physis growth (as in the bone, ex. diaphysis)
spir/o to breathe
cytosis condition of cells
-in not (ex. inability)
dys- difficult/abnormal
-asthenia lacking strength
-porosis porous
-schisis a splitting
iso- equal
-latry worship of
-phore bearer/producer
aesthet- perception (ex. anesthetic is without perception)
ast- star
gyro- circle (gyroscope)
helio- the sun
amo/ami- love
fibor- fiber
plic/plex- interweave, fold (ex. complicated, perplex)
furc/o forking
ipsi- same
thec/o sheath
desm/o fibrous connection, ligament
-agra sudden onslaught of acute pain
-emphraxis obstruction
-tocia childbirth (ex. oxytocia, means rapid childbirth)
omo- shoulder
epipl/o omentum
rhytid/o wrinkle (ex. rhytidectomy or removal of wrinkles)
-y condition or process
zo/o animal life (NOT as in sperm or spermatozoa)
kary/o nucleus
myx/o mucus (ex. myxopoeisis or production of mucus)
spondyl/o vertebra
myel/o spinal cord or bone marrow (as in myelography diagnoses spinal cord/nerve root problems)
my/o muscle
iatr/o physicians, treatment, medicine
omphal/o umbilicus
pyel/o renal pelvis
phren/o mind or diaphragm
metr/i uterine tissue
articul/o joint
arthr/o joint
roentgen/o x-ray, as in roentgenology
scint/i spark, as in scintigraphy (note the spelling is with an ā€œiā€)
cine- movement, as in cineradiogram
-ptysis spitting (ex. hemoptysis)
olig/o scanty
terat/o monster (ex. teratoma - germ cell tumor such as dermoid cyst)
kary/o nucleus
poikil/o varied, irregular
sider/o iron
plasm/o formation
ple/o more, many
rube/o red
scirrh/o hard
myx/o mucus
acr/o extremity
crin/o secrete
kerat/o hard, horny tissue or cornea
myc/o fungus
trich/o hair
pil/o hair
thel/o nipple
squam/o scaly
eosin/o rosy
lute/o yellow
poli/o gray
sudor- sweat
-plasia formation, growth
ana- anew, again, backward
apo- away, off
-emia blood condition
-globin protein
-phoresis carried
-poesis formation
aniso- unequal
Created by: pmark