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religion exam 2

1054 The Great Schism
1057 Humbert writes "Three Books Against the Simoniacs"
1071 Moslem Turks defeat Byzantines
1073-1085 Hildebrand (Gregory VII)
1075 Hildebrand issues Papal Dictats
1076 (February) Hildebrand excommunicates and deposes Henry IV
1179 3rd Latern Council
1080 Hildebrand excommunicates Henry IV for 2nd time
1081 Henry marches on Rome
1084 Carthusians: vow of silence
1095 Urban II calls Christians to unite in permissible war
1095-1099 First Crusade
1099 take Jerusalem
1100 Cistercians: no possessions
1033-1109 Anselm(ontological argument, satisfaction/atonement theory)
1079-1142 Peter Abelard (wrote "Yes and No")
1141 Bernard of Clairvaux condemns Abelard as heretic (but dies in good standing with church)
1090-1153 Bernard of Clairvaux
1112/13 Bernard becomes a Cistercian Monk
1100-1160 Peter Lombard (Abelard's student, Four Books of Sentences, 7 sacraments, ) *Anselm, Abelard, and Lombard were forerunners of Scholasticism
1122 Concordat of Worms
1150 University of Paris
1167 Oxford University founded
1140-1218 Peter Waldo/Valdes (Waldensians)
1187-1192 3rd Crusade
1192 Richard the Lionhearted retreats from Jerusalem
1198-1216 Pope Innocent the III (strongest pope of Medieval period)
1202-1204 4th crusade (Goes to Egypt and fails, later turn on Constantinople)
1209 Crusade against Cathars begins
1215 4th Lateran Council
1261 Byzantines retake Constantinople
1274 eastern Emperor submits to Rome
1277 Easter church rejects Rome authority and they excommunicate the pope
1231 Office of Inquisition put under Dominicans (Pope Gregory the IX)
1255 Inquisition in full gear: Italy, Germany, France, etc.
1221-1274 Scholasticism: Bonaventure
1225-1274 Thomas Aquinas
1545-1563 Council of Trent
431 3rd Ecumenical Council: Council of Ephesus
433 Formula of Union
449 "Robber's Synod
451 4th Ecumenical Council: Council of Chalcedon
482 Henoticon by Emperor Zeno (East)
527-565 Emperor Justinian (Byzantine Emperor)
544 Controversy of "The Three Chapters"
553 5th Ecumenical Council
410 Rome is overrun
415 St. Patrick is born
440-461 Pope Leo the Great
452 Leo met Attila and his Huns
455 Vandals sack Rome
476 western emperor removed
480 Benedict is born in Italy
534 Franks conquer Burgundians and UK
568 Italy invaded by Lombards
590-604 Pope Gregory the Great
610 Mohamed's vision
622 Mohamed flees to Mecca
630 Mecca is subdued and taken over
632 Mohammed dies
635 Arabs take Damascus
680 6th Ecumenical Council: Council of Constantinople
711 Arabs subdue most of Spain
732 Battle of Tours (Franks stop Muslims)
747/748-813 The Reign of Charlemagne
785-865 Paschasius Radbertus wirtes "On the Body and the Blood of the Lord(transubstantiation)
787 7th Ecumenical Council: Council of Nicea (Called by Empress Irene)
800 Pope crowns Charlemagne Emperor
814-840 Louis "the Pious" reign (Son of Charlemagne)
867 Schism of Photius
858-867 Pope Nicholas reign
904-963 Period of Pornacracy (Theodora and Marozia)
904 Pope Sergius III
910 Cluny, Monastic reform
949-1022 Simeon the New Theologian
955 Hungarians stop attacking and start assimilating
963 death of Pope Jon XII
1039 Henry III (sole ruler)
1046 Henry's Council deposes 3 Popes and appoints Clement II
1047 Clement dies
1049-1054 Henry appoints Bruno (Pope Leo IX)
1053 Pope Leo captured and imprisoned by Normans
Created by: Kristin_Britt
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