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Holy men and women inspired by God to share their wisdom with others are called _____. Saints
Pope John Paul II spoke about the true meaning of who you are in a collection of talks called the ______________. Theology of the Body
The more freedom you have, the more your _______ depends on your own choices. happiness
Definition: God created us with a body and soul. We are the only creatures God made in his image and likeness, made to love and be loved. Human Person
This refers to the reality that Jesus, who is fully God, became man. God the Son became man so He could die and rise, saving humanity. Incarnation
This is someone who has lived a holy life, practiced virtue to a heroic degree, and chosen to love God above all things. They come from around the world. Saints
Talks given by pope john paul II that reveal that human persons are created in the image of God, as male and female, with freedom for loving relationships. This answers the questions "Who am I" and "How should i live" Theology of the Body.
God created man and woman in his ______ and ______ image and likeness
God gave Adam and Eve __________ , which is the ability to choose. Free will
________ is something like a lost inheritance. Original Sin
Definition: The trinity is three persons united in one God who give themselves to each other in perfect love. We are meant to do the same. In his image and likeness
Definition: The Garden of Eden is named as the place where God created Adam and Eve. In the beginning
The ability to choose. This is necessary in order to be able to love. God wanted us to love HIm and each other, so he gave us this. Free Will
The loss of the four relationships and a wound to our humantiy. This hurts our ability to know what is right, chose what is good and to love. Original sin
The human body can ____ without ____ speak w/o words
OUr bodies allow us to see _____ things invisible
The human person is both ___ and ____ body and soul
Your body is precious because of what it ___ reveals
Our bodys are ______ that reflect the ____ of our souls windows; light
God _____ the beauty of the original masterpeice. increased
The major teaching that the visible human body can reveal truths about the invisible human soul, God, our relationships, and how we should act. The language of the body
After the crucifixion, Jesus rose from the dead. His human body and soul were reunited. This is his _____ resurrection.
After the resurrection, jesus literally went up to heaven with his father and he still lives there in a constant offering love. We call this the ________ ascension
____ makes perfect practice
____ is defined as "a strong habit of doing what is good" virtue
______ virtue makes us free and happy because it fulfills who we are. practicing
____ inslaves us vice
____ is like spiritual electricity for your soul, which makes ____ posssible. Grace; virtue
The greatest way we receive God's grace is through the _____ sacraments
An act repeated so frequently that it becomes a natural part of one's character habit
a good habit that empowers human persons to love God and others freely virtue
a bad habit that enslaves us to selfishness and robs us of our power to love vice
God's free gift of divine life given through Jesus, and especially through the sacraments. Grace.
Visible signs of invisible realities. Jesus gave us these to grace our souls. They are administered through the church. sacraments
Sometimes called confession, this sacrament allows us to express sorrow for sins and have our souls wiped clean. reconciliation
Greatest of all scaraments because it's jesus' body and blood. eucharist
Each gender is unique, special characteristics bring out the best in others. this is called _______ complimentary
Sex is about our _______ as men and women created in God's ____ and _____ identity, image, likeness
The body "Speaks" a ______ that says something about the type of relationship two people share language
___ is the urge to cover up or hide something personal shame
Because of ____, we clothe ourselves and this reminds us of something positive shame
OUr bodies are ___ and should be _____ from anyone treating us like objects instead of persons with__________ sacred; protected; great dignity
____ is not about rules just for the sake of rules, it is about the very important goal of loving well chastitiy
____ is the tendency in all of us to sin concupiscense
____ is really important if you want to practice chastity modesty
the opposite of love use
lust is ___ another person using
love is a _____ virtue
just like any _____, love takes work, ______ and attention virtue; training
This can refer to us being male or female, but it also refers to acts of physical intimacy between a husband and wife sex
this phrase in genesis reveals that God's plan, from the start, was for sex and the relationship of marriange to communicate love between a husband and wife male and female he created them
The virtue that helps us use our bodies to express love in purity and truthfulness. it requires learning to love God as God loved us. Chastity
Refraining from all sexual activity until marriage abstinence
a vice that causes people to view others as objects for sexual use lust
presenting oneself in a way that expresses the virtue of chastity. it encourages others to see us in purity. modesty
the tendency or the leaning humans have toward sin. This is a condition that all humans inherited as an effect of original sin. concupiscence.
"Do this in memory of me" ; highest point in the mass anamnesis
The part of the Catholic mass in which the celebrant invokes the Holy Spirit to bless the participants epiclesis
to turn the bread and wine to the body and blood of christ consecration
part of the mass in which we sing the hymn: "Through him, and with him, and in him, O God, almighty Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, forever and ever." doxology
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