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Ancient Egypt

Bohemian A group with primarily artistic or literary interests that disregards conventional standards of behavior
Cleopatra Famous Egyptian queen (r.51-30 BC) whose affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony are legendary. She used these affairs to gain power and manipulate her enemies.
Divine Ruler The belief that the ruler's authority comes directly from the gods.
Dynasties Lines of rulers who belong to the same family
Egyptologist A scientist who studies ancient Egypt and is an expert on Egyptian life and artifacts
King Tut Known as King Tutankhamen, a young minor king (r.1336-1327 BC). He is famous for the riches of his discovered tomb.
Ottoman Empire Former Turkish sultanate (capital Constantinople) that ranged from southeaster Europe to Asia, Africa, parts of Russia, and much of the Middle East.
Pharaoh Ruler of the ancient Egypt.
Stratification The process of dividing or arranging into classes, castes, or social layers
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