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World HIstory Leap

Review for Wold History Leap test

The study of the Past History
The knowledge, beliefs and customs and values of a group of people Culture
The study of the past based on what people left behind Archaeology
A part or imprint of something that was left behind Fossil
An account of an event created by someone who took part in or witnessed the event Primary source
information gathered by someone who did not take part in or witness the event secondary source
A area with one or more features that make it different from sorrounding areas Region
Time before there was writing prehistory
The old stone age Paleolithic
People who hunted animals and gathered wild plants to surivive hunter - gathers
A community of people who share a common culture Society
Long periods of frezing weather Ice Ages
A strip of land connecting two continents that emerges after water levels drop Land Bridge
Land bridge through which early people came into America Bering land Bridge
The domestication of animals and the cultivation of plants are reffered to as what? Neolithic revolution
An large arc of territory and rich farmland that extends up from the Persian Gulf into Syria and Plaestine The Fertile Cresent
All early river valley civilizations were developed along Rivers
The cradle of civilization in Egypt developed along which river Nile
Because Egypt is surrounded by deserts Egypt has been reffered to as What? the gift of the nile
People were able to settle in one place because rivers flooded and deposited this on the land each year Rich silt
When people first settled down they were able to specialize and do the things they were good at. This is known as what? Division of labor
A political state consisting of the city and its surrounding area City State
The worship of many Gods Polytheism
The worship of one God Monotheism
Areas in the countryside Rual
Areas in the city Urban
The wedged shape writing of the ancient Summerians Cunieform
A wedding cake like temple used by the ancient Summerians Ziggurats
Long poems that tell a story epics
Picture symbols that represent a object Pictographs
Ealiest know written laws of te ancient Babylonians "and eye for an eye" Hammurabbi's Code
The Chaldean king that rebuilt Babylon and the hanging gardens Nebuchadnezzar
Ancient Mediterrean trading group that developed the alphabet Phonecians
Temples built in Egypt to house the body of a King Pyramids
Writings of the Ancient Egyptians Hieroglyphics
Means land between the rivers Mesopotamia
The rivers where Mesopotamia were located Tigris and Euphrates
Sttep rapids that helped to keep Egypt safe from invaders Cateracts
A trinagle shapped area of land at the mouth of a river Delta
A series of rulers form the same family Dyansty
Egyptians leader Pharoah
Egyptian ruler that united upper and lower Egypt Menes
The builder of the Great Pyramid Khufu
Important New Kingdom Pharoah who defended egypt from invaders and strengthened defenses Ramses the Great
The key to Hieroglyphic writing Rosetta Stone
Large statue with the head of a Pharoah and the body of a lion Sphinx
A four sided pillar that is pointed on top Oblisk
Boy king whose tomb was found intact by Howard Carter King Tut
Long lasting paper made form reeds used by the Egyptians Papyrus
Goods sent to other countries Exports
Goods brought into other countries imports
KIngdom North of Egypt Kush/ Nubia
A large landmass smaller than a continent such as India Subcontinent
Seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons in India Monsoons
The Language of Ancient India Sanskrit
Site of India's Cradle of civilization Indus river
Two well planned cities that wee sites of early settlement in India Harappa and Mohenjo Daro
division of Indian society into groups based n a person's birth. No mobility enforced by rules, in India Caste System
The most widespread religion in India today Hinduism
In Hinduism, "The Creator" Brahama
In Hindusim "the preserver" Vishnu
In Hiduism "The Destroyer" Siva
The goal of Hinduism is to be free from further rebirths into this world and become one with Brahama- the supreme universal spirit that runs through all living things
The effects of good or bad actions have on ones soul Karma
Focusing the mind on spiritual ideas Meditation
Prince that founded Buddhism Sidduartha Gautama
Means Enlightened one Buddha
A state of spiritual peace in Buddhism Nirvana
Strongest ruler of the Mayuran Dynasty, he converted to buddhism and began practicing non violence Asoka
Contributions of Ancient India Metallurgy, Hindu-Arabic Numerals, Inoculations and astronomy
Prized stone of the Ancient Chinese Jade
A prediction made by reading the cracks of bones Oracle bones
Ancient Chinese civilization started along which river in China? Haung He
Most Influential teacher in Chinese History Confucius
Moral Values ethics
Confucius teaching sere based on what? Ethics and moral behavior
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