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Phlebotomy need to know part 2

the appropriate anticoagulant used to coat a syringe for collecting an ABG is: heparin
a patient in the ICU had indwelling lines for fluid and medication. a chemistry panel was ordered. the correct procedure for collecting blood from an indwelling line is: to discard the first 5 mL
a sample was collected 24 hours ago in a red topped tube and sent to the chemistry laboratory for testing. the morning the physician requested that a manganese test be added. this trace metal: is stable at room temperature for 7 days
a difficult collection for an APTT was sent to the lab and the results were prolonged, the patient was not on medication. a repeat was collected and the results were normal. what is the explantion for the first results being abnormal? under-collected, causing excess anticoagulant
a patient infected with methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus(MSRA. the proper PPE to be worn is: gloves and gown
a patient scheduled for a 2 hour gtt drinks the beverage and complains of feeling nauseated. the patient vomits 75 minutes into the test. the pbt should: stop the test
a sample collected by a syringe for coagulation testing should not be placed into a vacutainer tube by piercing the cap because of: hemolysis of red blood cells
when collecting blood from adolescents and they have questions, the pbt should: answer all questions they might have
contaminated sharps must be placed in a puncture resistant container that displays what symbol? biohazard
a patient comes to the outpatient phlebotomy area to have blood collected. the patient is on AZT, and the test ordered is a CD4. the pbt assumes the patient is HIV infected and should practice standard procedures routinely used for collecting blood
which could be an application of bar code utilization in the post-analytical phase maintaining frozen specimen storage records
a patient's results were abnormal for the following tests: potassium, calcium, uric acid, bilirubin, it was noted that a sample was collected by fingerstick. a possible source of error is using betadine to clean the site
NCCLS recommends when performing a heelstick on a newborn, the site be warmed for 42 degrees celcius for 3 minutes
the best vein for venipuncture is the median cubital
the trough value of a drug is collected prior to the patient recieving the drug
a patient sample that was difficult to collect had a CBC with abnormally high RBC and hemoglobin values. upon recollection the results were normal. this could be a result of prolonged tourniquet application
failure of a pbt to provide standard care is malpractice
the loosened skin seen on geriatric patients is due to loss of supportive connective tissue
post exposure prophylaxis(PEP) for exposure to HIV is the most effective when started 1-2 hours after exposure
according to NCCLS, an ivy bleeding time should be stopped after 15 minutes
blood cultures containing ARD/resin would be collected on patients recieving antibiotics
if a patient has fragile veins that appear likely to collapse during phlebotomy, the best system to use for blood collection is a syringe
a patient who is recumbent is suspine
when performing a venipuncture on a 65 year old patient with good veins, the pbt should choose which gauge needle for the venipuncture 21
a patient in the emergency department must have a blood alcohol level collected to be used in court in relation to drunk driving charges. the site should be cleaned with betadine
if a patient is recieving tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), blood may be collected only with a physician's approval
the inner lining of the heart is known as the endocardium
which should be collected as a whole blood specimen HLA typing
a patient's blood glucose was tested at the POC. the result exceeded the established range for POCT equipment. the first course of action would be to repeat the sample
if a glucose level is ordered "postprandial," the sample should be collected after eating
the best way for a pbt to verify a patient's name is to check their wristband
the main function of the circulatory system is to provide transportation
which statements best describe a vein it contains structures called valves
when handling body fluids, universal precautions should be used at all times
a blood sample is to be collected from a patient. the patient has an IV int eh right arm and a full cast on the left arm. in order to collect the sample, the pbt should ask the nurse to shut off the IV and collect the sample below the IV site
a nurse agrees to collect a blood sample from a patient's indwelling line. the nurse submits the very first syringe of blood collected from the line. the pbt should ask the nurse to collect a second syringe of blood from the patient's line and use this sample to fill your collection tubes
the safe area(s)for a heel puncture on an infant is/are the most medial or lateral portion of the plantar surface
whcih arteries in the leg is recommended for collecting blood for ABG's femoral artery
which conditions would create an adverse effect ont eh quality of a fingerstick blood specimen swollen fingers
whcih analytes would be affected if the sample were exposed to light bilirubin
a pbt is collecting blood samples from 6 inpatients. the requistion for the first patient requires a sample to be collected for a blood gas. while collecting blood from the other patients, the best way to store/transport this sample is in ice water
when collecting a blood sample from an elderly, frail patient sometimes the best method is to collect from the back of the patient's hand. the best collection device to use in this situation is a syringe
a method that is inaccurate but precise would be represented on a bull's eye target as tight scatter off the bull's eye
a conscious hospital patient, is not wearing an ID band, the name and room number on the requisition and door is correct. the next step is to not collect the patient's blood until an armband is placed on the patient's arm
upon entering the emergency department a physician has just collected a blood sample. the physician recaps the needle using the one-handed scoop method and discards the needle into a regular trash container lined with plastic what error was observed the neddle was discarded in regular trash
blood is carried away from the heart to the rest of the body via arteries
a patient needs to submit a urine test for a routine drug screen but is unable to provide a urine sample. the patient is instructed to drink upto 24 oz of water in 2 hours. another sample was submitted but insufficient. the lab should discard the sample and cancel the test
to best preserve the urinary sediment in a 24 hour urine specimen, the preservatives of choice are boric acid and thymol
for a 24 hour urine specimen to be handled appropriately it should include total volume of urine collected
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