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Cert. Study

Phlebotomy need to know

what g value and minimum time are used in a centrifuge to effect good separation of clotted blood from serum 1000 rpm for 10 minutes
a stat specimen must be collected and tested immediately
what percentage of water in a human body is found within the cells sixty
a way to prevent a hematoma is holding pressure on the site with the arm straight
a blood sample collected into a tube without anticoagulant would contain serum
With obese patients, excessive probing may release tissue clotting factors
when blood leaves the right ventricle it enters the right and left pulmonary arteries
when collecting blood from an infant or neonate, the best site for a skin puncture is the medial or lateral section of the foot
the steps to be followed in response to discovering a fire may be remembered by the acronym RACE
if a phlebotomist notices a patient eating during a glucose tolerance test, the correct procedure would be to contact the physician to determine if the test should be continued
when preparing a site for venipuncture, which is not mandated always start using iodine
which is ture of veins all veins contain deoxygenated blood
what is the guideline for the use of gloves when performing a skin puncture gloves must be changed between patients
which is not ture of arteries arteries have a pulse
concerning the collection of a timed specimen, which is true if a timed glucose is collected too early, the result could be falsely evaluated
which is ture of plasma plasma contains fibrinogen
when using vaccum tubes, the proper order of draw is red, light blue, gel separator, green
which is true concerning required neonatal screening for a PKU never touch the filter paper directly to the puncture site
when performing capillary punctures on neonates, the following order of draw is mandated hematology, chemistry, blood bank
a phlebotomist was scheduled to collect the 2-hour specimen for a gtt at exactly 0900. at 0915 the specimen has yet to be collected, what is the next step collect the specimen and note time of collection
when dealing with forsenic samples, the "chain-of-custody" would be documentation of each person who handled the specimen
two specimens that must be protected from light immediately after collecting is bilirubin and carotene
two specimens tha tmust be kept at 37 degrees celcius is cold agglutinins and cryofibrinogen
centrifuges should be checked on a regular maintenance using a tachometer that registers revolutions per minute
when filling a glass capillary tube, follow the OSHA recommendation use tubes wrapped in puncture resistant film
what is not an acceptable means of identification name card on the bed or door
a blood specimen that do not need to be transported on ice water amylase
which is the preferred artery for an arterial puncture radial artery
what type of equipment is not required for an arterial blood gas tourniquet
True or False? the best way to assure a good flow with less injury in a pediatric heelstick is to perform the stick as the previous site False
for a 3-hour gtt, a patient wants to know when the final specimen will be collected, if he finished drinking the solution at 0710 1010
what is mandated in preparation of a patient for a gtt not fasting for more than 14 hours
instructing a patient on a procedure for collection of mid-stream, what is not neccessary sample should always be the second voided of the day in order to reduce contamination
no other site is available, the patient has an IV in right arm, the phlebotomist must draw below
a hemolyzed blood sample would have the greatest impact and cause elevated levels on what three tests potassium, iron, magnesium
when collecting blood for trace metals analysis, what must be observed avoid the use of an anticoagulant that binds metal
when collecting blood from a patient in reverse isolation, items removed from the room so not need to be double bagged. True or False True
what preservative used in 24 hour urine collection will interfere least with the dipstick analysis and other urine chemical tests boric acid
a blood sample tested for liver enzymes showed elevation of all liver enzymes except for LDH, what could be the cause refrigeration of the blood sample
instructions for a 24 hour urine collection would indicate the starting and ending of collection. This means that patient voids in the toilet and start timing with an empty bladder
action of SPS as an additive to blood culture containers include complement inhibition
if the phlebotomist were unsuccessful upon the first stick, the next step is to ask the patient if you could have an second attempt
what is the appropriate procedure for a disposable when using it multiple times wipe with 70 percent alcohol
best marker to insure the completeness of a 24 hour uriine collection, would be 4-aminoben zoic acid level
when preparing a patient's arm for a blood culture, what skin aspectic is used iodine
from the standpoint of patient safety, what is the most dangerous practice prelabeling the tubes before collection
what anticoagulant do not bind calcium heparin
what additive is a true anticoagulant sodium citrate
what is ture of capillary punctures done on the finger tips insert perpendicular to the fingerprint
which antiglycolytic agents is preferred because it does not interfere with urease and allows the same blood sample to be tested for BUN and glucose sodium iodoacetate
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