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Chapter 14 L&E

Law and Ethics Abortion

Both abortion and miscarriage refer to ? Termination of pregnancy before the fetus is capable of survival outside the uterus.
When does Fertilization occur? When a spermatozoon (sperm cell) unites with an ovum (egg).
Where does fertilization take place? Usually in the Fallopian Tubes
Once the ovum is fertilized, it is now called a what? Zygote
Another name for the Uterus is what? Womb
What is a mitosis? Process of Cell division
How long is the journey from the Fallopian tubes to the uterus. Approximately 3 days
When the zygote attaches its self to the uterine lining the proper term for this attached ball of cells is called.... Blastocyst
From the 3rd week until the end of the 8th week, the blastocyst is called an EMBRYO
When does the embryo become known as the fetus and is marked by the beginning of brain activity? Approximately the eighth week
The 9 months are divided into three segments which are also known as? Trimesters
The first trimester is from fertilization to? 3 Months
The Second trimester is from 3 months to 6 months
The third trimester is from 6 months to 9 Months
For some cultures life begins when conception
What are some cultures/religeons that beliefe life begins with conception Roman Catholics-Chinese -Kkorean
When does brain function begin ? 8th to 12 week
When does the first fetal movements begin? 16th - 18th Week
What does QUICKENING mean? First fetal movements
Method of abortion depends on what? The stage of pregnancy
What is MIFEPRISTONE or MEDICATION ABORTION know as? Pregnancy hormone drug and RU486
What is the SAFEST and QUICKEST Approved method of abortion if the pregnancy is positive and less than 7 weeks? Menstrual Extraction or Minilabortion
What is a D & E? Dilatation and Extraction
The DX procedures is commonly called a _______ and is a controversial procedure, both legally and ethically Partial Birth Abortion
What stage is a D&E or D&X procedure done? In the 2nd Trimester - 14 to 24 Weeks
Saline Injection is performed when? 16th and 24th week of gestation
In very few cases what procedure is done to abort a fetus? A hysterotomy or a hysterectomy
T/F A histerectomy/hysterotomy is a major surgery TRUE
In what situation is a histerectomy or a hysterotomy procedure done? Only where Uterine abnormalities are found
T/F Generally the later an abortion of any type performed is risky TRUE
What court and what year was ROE v WADE U.S. Supreme Court - 1973
What did ROE v WADE Initiate? Major changes in constitutional rights
What court and year was DOE v BOLTON 1973 US Supreme Court
What did DOE v BOLTON Change? Down with pre-abortional consent needed
1983 - 1986 U.S. Supreme Court reaffirms ROE v WADE - ABORTION LAW
1991 U.S. Supreme Cour decision to..... Ban abortion counseling on federal funded clinics
Are there any reasons to justify abortion? Yes - With no restriction it would seem that abortions should be performed on demand and as at any time during the pregnancy and
When considering abortion issues, what are some factors you should consider? Economics-Age-Health-Religeon-Culture
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