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Christian Woman


Selecting a Good Husband (3) Christian; Love; One to whom you can willingly submit;
1. Christian Husband is the head of the wife as is Christ the head of the Church; Christ wanted His church to be holy and blameless; "Marriage is not a mission field" - Neil Pryor
Marry A Christian (1.3) You can begin your home with Christ as the center of all your planning; You can pray together; When one is ill, the other can take children to worship and lead their Bible study
Marry A Christian (2.3) You have the most important things in common; You can assist each other in spiritual growth; You can look forward to being an "elder" or "deacon" family
Marry A Christian (3.3) You can enjoy the same friends and type of recreation; Your mate will understand your attitude toward spiritual things and their importance to you; No final "good-bye"
2. Love As Christ loves the Church; As their own bodies
Abigail foolish husband (Nabal); David wanted to join Nabal's feast after having taken care of sheep, but was refused; wanted to kill Nabal; Abigail stopped him; Nabal died 10 days after hearing what Abigail did
7 Deadly Male Selection Errors don't get married too quickly; too young; be too eager to get married; try to please someone else with your choice; till you know his many ways; with unrealistic expectations; someone with a personality problem you are not willing to live with fore
10 Principles for Finding the Right Mate (1.5) eliminate the 7 deadly male selection errors; develop a high degree of conscious clarity; make sure the person is very similar to you; both are emotionally healthy; be passionately attracted but wait to express that passion;
10 Principles for Finding the Right Mate (2.5) Develop a deeper, stable kind of love; Master verbal intimacy; learn how to resolve differences before you marry; be committed for a lifetime; If they do not support, listen carefully before you make your final decision
"You must be the right kind to attract the right kind." Neil Pryor
"A lifelong covenant partnership, solemnly made before God, in which a man and a woman agree to belong together as long as they both shall live." Paul Stevens
Marriage: Pearl of great price; Like a garden to be cultivated regularly; like pantyhose - it's what you put into it that counts Phyllis Schlafly
"We gave when we wanted to receive. We served when we wanted to feast. We shared when we wanted to keep. We listened when we wanted to talk. We submitted when we wanted to reign. We forgave when we wanted to remember. We stayed when we wanted to leave. Dillon and Patty Bays
Believe well, Live well (5) religion benefits mental health; religion benefits our physical health; marriage is good for your health; cohabitating is not good for marriage; abstaining from sex before marriage will result in a more satisfying sexual relationship after marriage
Building Blocks for a Successful Marriage (1.4) both partners must be eligible for marriage in God's sight; there must be a lifetime commitment; the two must become one in a shared identity; there must be absolute sexual faithfulness;
Building Blocks for a Successful Marriage (1.3) Each must understand and accept the roles God has assigned male and female, husband and wife; There must be genuine love for each other; God requires mutual submission and mutual sharing of the loads brought on by marriage
Building Blocks for a Successful Marriage (1.2) each must provide sexual fulfillment and joy for the other; there must be mutual respect
Created by: amelia.shappley
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