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Christian Woman


What was woman created for? Made to fill a need; help=helper suitable
A quiet sense of self-respect and a feeling of self-worth. It includes the ability to love yourself and give and accept love from others. It usually involves a feeling of security, significance, and competence self-esteem
What destroys self-esteem? (6) guilt; anxiety and fear; criticism or lack of encouragement; world's values; early family background; appearance;
How do we overcome guilt? (6) stop sinning; confess specific sins; acknowledge God's forgiveness; learn to forgive yourself and others; don't dwell on the past; think less of yourself and more of others
How do we keep from worrying? (7) seek 1st God's kingdom and his righteousness; control your thoughts by staying close to God's Word; pray about anxieties and fears; count blessings; know you are not alone; learn to like yourself; believe it's possible to control worry;
Why do people criticize? (4) They have a poor self image; they have a self-righteous attitude; they are jealous or hold a grudge; it's a habit;
How to overcome a critical attitude. (5) Think positively; be quiet; learn all facts; be careful how you say things; evaluate your criticism;
When you are criticized unjustly....(7) Be rational; act instead of reacting; bite your tongue; learn to forgive; smother your critic with kindness; should the matter be discussed?; try sublimation
World Values vs. God Values World - beauty, money, athletic ability, politics/power God - servant
What builds self-esteem? (5) Right relationship with God; families; praise and encouragement; acceptance and security; self-discipline (education and competence)
How to give encouragement.. (3) Word gifts; time gifts; gifts;
Where should we all be able to be accepted? Church
Self-discipline (4) Set goals; know priorities; plan ahead; don't be side-tracked;
Live life expectantly by... (7) wake expectantly; don't take yourself too seriously; say pleasant things; direct your thoughts; control your emotions; believe in yourself, others, and God; have a goal, work, and trust God;
Created by: amelia.shappley



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