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Ancient Rome Western

Be able to name the civilization and it's date Fertile Crescent Egypt India China Greece Rome Fertile Crescent--3500-500BC Egypt--3000BC - AD 350 India--2500BC - 185 BC China--2000BC - AD 1911 Greece-- 2000BC - 146 BC Rome--753 BC - AD 476
What country is Rome in? Italy
What were the Plebians? This is what the Romans called the non-wealthy citizens
What kind of animal cared for Romulus and Remus? She-wolf
What major river was the major source of water from Rome? Tiber River
What Roman invention lead to expansion of the Empire and increased transportation? roads
What architectural achievement brought water into the city? aqueducts
What spots served as a place of social gatherings and a place to freshen up? baths
What structure allowed the creation of acqueducts with less materials? Roman Arch
What structure serves as an icon for Rome and was build for public entertainment? Roman Colosseum
Who would fight people, animals or criminals in Rome? gladiators
What was the name of the giant race track used for chariot racing? Circus Maximus
Who was the great general that lead the Roman Republic and the expansion of territory? Julius Caesar
What was the name of Rome's marketplace? Forum
Who was the first emperor of Rome? Augustus
Who was the emperor that adopted Christianity? Constantine
How many aqueducts would be found in Ancient Rome? 11
What is the name of the larges unsupported dome in Ancient Rome? Pantheon
What is the name of the center stone that allowed arches to hold thousands of pounds? Keystone
What are the 3 major forms of government in order from earliest to latest? Roman Kingdom Roman Republic Roman Empire
Name 3 major purposes the aqueducts had on Rome? drinking water clean the city provide water to the baths
Who were the "Five Good Emperors" in Roman History? Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antonio Pius, Marcus Aurelius
Which month is not named after a Roman god? February
What event did not impact the fall of the Roman Empire? Financial Success
How many planets are not named after the Roman gods? 1
Who is the king of all gods in Roman mythology? Jupiter
What did the gladiator recieve when they were granted their freedom? a wooden sword
What emperor had the largest empire and built an amazing column? Trajan
What kind of perosn could be a gladiator? a prisoner, a woman, a slave, men of royalty
What did the Romans not create? laws
What kind of food would not be found in Ancient Rome? pasta
T or F...the fall of Rome led to the fall of European ancient times and to the creation of the middle ages? True
T or F... the Visigoths were a Germanic tribe that conquered Rome? True
T or F...the Roman Coliseum never had naval battles? False
T or F...the coliseum was created by putting the ideas of 2 Greek theatres together? True
What was you favorite Ancient Civilization to learn about?
Who was your favorite Emperor?
Caligula Crazy emperor who taxed citizen to build statues of himself
Hadrian built the Pantheon
Vespasian ordered the building of the Coliseum
Nero Crazy emperor who burned Rome to the ground
Spartacus famous slave that led a rebellion against Rome
Romulus Creaated the Roman kingdom
Augustus First emperor of Rome
Julius Caesar a great general who as assisinated for his power and fame
Claudius ordered the building of the largest aqueducts
Trajan ruled Rome when it held the largest amount of land
Know your Roman Numerals and how to combine them.. I= 1 V= 5 X=10 L=50 C=100 D=500 M=1,000
Know what these structures look like Roads, Pantheon, The Forum, Trajan's Column, Circus Maximus, Aqueducts, Arch of Constantine, Roman Colosseum
Created by: ellist