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European Exploration

What word describes the government, policies, laws, etc. ? political
What word describes the people, way of life, beliefs, religion, etc.? cultural
What word describes how people support themselves using limited resources; involves money, jobs, trade, farming, industries, etc? economic
Who financed many explorers? governments (monarchs) such as Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain financing Columbus's voyages
What were the Spanish grants of land called where money money was made from mining, farming or ranching? encomiendas
What is money left over after expenses are paid? profit
What European nation created a New World Empire in modern day Mexico, Central and South America, as well as Florida? Spain
How can the motives of explorers be summarized? God, Gold, Glory
Where was the destination of sought after trade routes for early explorers? Asia (like the Spice Islands)
What motivated the French and Netherlands to establish New World Empires in the Americas? Fur trade with the Natives
What European country was motivated to explore and colonize in order to spread Christianity? Spain
Places where goods were bought and sold; desire to increase these led to explorations? markets
increased demand for luxury trade items after visiting China and writing a book of his experiences Marco Polo
What are large farms that grew cash crops like sugar cane to provide raw materials for the "mother country" called? plantations
The 2 way exchange of goods and ideas between old and new world is known as? Columbian Exchange
What Portuguese explorer was the first to sail to successfully sail to India and reported thousand percent profits from the Spice Trade? Vasco de Gama
Ferdinand Magellan was the first to accomplish this, although he died in the Philippines and his surviving crew completed the mission. circumnavigated the globe
Who landed in the Bahamas, but believed he had found the western water route to Asia? His voyages led to the discovery of North and South America. Columbus
What gave Europeans the ability to explore further from shore line? technology
Stronger, faster sailing ships developed by Portugal were called? caravel
Navigational instruments that could tell north and south of the equator by the position of stars were? astrolabe
Who organized a school for navigation in Portugal? Prince Henry "The Navigator"
What Spanish conquistador conquered the Aztecs at Tenochtitlan (present-day Mexico City) by 1521 with the help of weapons, diseases, alliances with those subjugated by the Aztecs? Hernan Cortez
What killed most of the native population in the Americas, creating a need for a new source of workers? epidemics of diseases such as small pox
The global exchange of goods, ideas, culture, plants, animals...between the Old and New Worlds following 1492 is called? Columbian Exchange
The need for agricultural workers led to the use of what? enslaved people from Africa
Created by: davislauren