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Bible Vocab.

Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy test

Greek word meaning "The books" Biblia
Men and women in the Bible chosen by God to tell his message to the people Prophets
What is a prophecy? A message from God spoken or written by a prophet
What is an agreement between God and Man? A testament
Hebrew word meaning "God's Chosen One" Messiah
What is the Greek word that means "God's Chosen One"? Christ
Another name for a letter An epistle
The good news about Jesus Gospel
The original name of the man "Israel" Jacob
What does Hebrew mean? It is the name of the nation God chose to be his special people. (These people are also referred to as the Israelites.)
When someone made an "idol", what was it? A statue or an image of a god that is made by people and then worshipped as if it had the power of God in a person's life.
What was a famine? A famine is a time when there is not enough food to keep people and animals alive.
Savior A word which means, "he who saves".
What does the word "Genesis" mean? It means, "beginnings".
A firmament is... A sky
The books of law are known as.? The Pentateuch
A covenant is what? An agreement
Any act or thought that is against the way God wants us to act or think is? A sin
Transgression is also know as a...? Sin
A word used to refer to the Old Testament or the entire Bible is what? Scripture.
Jehovah is what? The English translation for one of the Hebrew names meaning,"God;" (Yahweh.)
Who is Satan and what does God say he is? The most powerful enemy of God and all people; also known as devil, serpent, evil one, prince of this world, and father of all lies.
What is God's judgment on something evil? A curse.
Enmity is what? Hatred or bad feelings that make two people or groups enemies.
A gift or offering to God is known as what? A sacrifice
To tempt someone is to- To try to get someone to do something wrong; to test a person to improve his or her strength
A patriarch is a "ruling father"; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or Joseph.
A person who lives in a tent and moves from place to place A nomad
The place where sacrifices were made to worship God Altar
A word describing a woman who could not have children, a field that did not produce crops, or a tree that did not bear fruit. Barren
Heir- Someone who has the right to receive the property or position of another person when that person dies.
A special right of the oldest son in a Hebrew family to receive a double share of the inheritance and the right to rule over the family after the father's death. Birthright
Circumcision- Sign of a special covenant God made with the Israelites.
A departure, a "going out" Exodus
Slave- A servant who is owned by his or her master
A large area of land where few people live Wilderness
Bondage- Slavery
The title of the rulers of ancient Egypt Pharaoh
Atonement to make up for a wrong act; to become friends with God again
Anything that causes great harm or suffering Plague
Passover- A feast held in memory of God's deliverance of Israel from Egyptian slavery
Bread made without yeast Unleavened bread
Bitter herbs- A green salad eaten at Passover to remind Israel of the bitterness of their lives as Egyptian slaves
The special food God gave to the Israelites for 40 years in the wilderness Manna
Tabernacle- A portable tent where the Israelites worshipped God
The Ark of the Covenant; a special wooden chest containing the tables of law, a pot of manna, and Aaron's rod; the ark was to show the people of Israel that God was with them. Ark of God
Sabbath- The weekly day of rest and worship set apart by God
A sexual union between a man and a woman when one or both are married to someone else Adultery
Covet To want very much to have something that belongs to another person
Descendants of Levi, priests, religious teachers and workers at the tabernacle. Levites
High priest- The most important of all the priests who served God; Aaron was the first high priest and all other high priests were his descendants
Jewish feast celebrated 50 days after Passover; on the first Pentecost after Jesus's resurrection, the Lord sent the Holy Spirit to His followers Pentecost
Feasts- Jewish religious holidays and celebrations and banquets
A sacrifice or gift for God which was burned on an altar for cleansing or atonement from sin. Burnt offering
Precepts- God's laws or commands
A counting of people living in an area or country Census
City of Refuge- One of six cities set apart for a person who had accidentally killed someone; the guilty individual was allowed to remain in the City of Refuge until a fair trial could be held.
Second law Deuteronomy
Adversary- An enemy or someone who is against you
A person from another country; a foreigner Alien
Baal- The name "Baal" means master. Baal was the name of many of the false gods worshipped by the people of Canaan.
A mature male sheep Ram
Created by: cgrace1355
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