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The Last Things

1 Corinthians 15:58 Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.
3 types of death Physical (separation of the soul from the body Spiritual (separation from God, on earth and in the future) Eternal or the second death (punished with everlasting destruction)
Intermediate State Both the just and unjust waiting for the resurrection. The Believer goes to the presence of the Lord. Unbelievers to Hades.
Hades After Jesus descended into Hades and proclaimed the Good News, Hades became the designated waiting place only for the lost
Who will rise in the first resurrection? The Saints (Ref. 20:5)
The body that is buried Perishable: subject to death; Dishonor: instrument of sin; Weak: mortal limitations; Natural: subject to physical laws; Mortal: subject to the human condition
The body that will be resurrected Imperishable: free from death, sickness, pain; Glory: like the Body of Christ in its transformation; Power: far beyond our ability to imagine; Spiritual: adapted to conditions of eternal life; Immortal: not subject to death
Partial judgment Occurs at physical death; determines the waiting place between death and final judgment. Believer to be w/God; Wicked to Hades.
Prophet/Prophecy/Prophetical One who speaks for or in the name of God.
Apocalyptic literatue Is eschatological, i.e., dealing with the completion of the purposes of God.
Biblical references re: 2nd Coming of Christ Mt. 24 & 25; 1 & 2 Thes., Revelation
Parousia Signifies: 1) coming, arrival and 2) to be present
Apokalupsis To make known, to uncover, to cause something to come to view. The revelation or manifestatin of divine truth.
Epiphaneia A manifestation, apparition
Phaneroo To make visible, clear, manifest in order to make known
The Day of the Lord Is equivalent to the second coming of Christ. The decisive intervention of God in human history.
The Rapture Jesus comes for His saints. We will meet Him in the air. Marks the completion of the promise of Christ. Pre, mid, post tribulation?
The Revelation of Christ The coming of Christ to the earth with His saints at the end of the tribulation.
Tribulation A time of great testing, persecution and distress. The hour of trial. The precursor of the Day of the Lord.
Millennium 1,000 years. The complete establishment of the kingdom of God on the earth.
Final Judgment All the dead will be resurrected to appear before the Great White Throne. Those whose names are not in the book of life will be thrown into the lake of fire, along with death and Hades
Eternity The end of time and beginning of our life with God forever; dwelling place of the saints
Blessed Hope The appearing of Jesus
Various names of the resurrection of the saints Resurrection of life; from among the dead; the first resurrection
Resurrection of unbelievers is called The second resurrection; resurrection of the condemned/unjust
Eschatology Hope of resurrection & second coming of Christ
Second Coming of Christ Rapture; final judgement; new heaven & earth; eternity w/God; Personal, literal, visible. Jesus will appear
Biblical references for heaven & hell Luke 16:19-31 - Beggar went Paradise w/Abraham & Lazarus and the rich man went to Hades; Rev. 20:15 name not in the book of life will be thrown into the lake of fire.
Those who die in Christ go to the presence of Christ
Spiritual death means separation from God, both in this world and in the next
Chapter par excellence about the resurrection 1 Cor 15
What is the term that refers to hell, the final destiny of unbelievers. Gehenna
What is the term that refers to the final destiny of the saints? The New Jerusalem
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel The interpretation of the last part of this prophecy has been debated by biblical scholars
The Anti-Christ The man of sin will declare himself to be divine. Revelation presents him as the first beast who has all the characteristics of the 4 beasts of Daniel. He will war against the saints during the tribulation.
The saints will rise in the first resurrection
The crowns (according to our work(s) Crown of life: martyrs; Crown of Glory: faithful pastors; Crown of Righteousness: those who love His return; Crown of Joy: those who win souls; Incorruptible Crown: those who fight against the flesh
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