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Acts Test 1

What Greek word does Acts come from? What does it mean? praxeis. It means "deed, action, practice, function."
Why is it likely that Luke wrote two books (Gospel of Luke; Acts) instead of one long book? Pieces of papyrus used for scrolls could only extend to a certain length. Luke and Acts could not fit on one scroll. Two volumes were needed.
What are “we” sections? How do they help affirm that Luke is the author of Acts? They refer to the times when the writer joins Paul. The only traveling companions of Paul not mentioned by name in Acts are Titus and Luke. Titus has never been considered a possibility as author, which leaves Luke.
Explain the date of writing of Acts. Writ. after Luke (c. AD 58-62), before Paul released from (c. AD 62). At end of Acts, Paul still under house arrest in Rome. Unlikely that Luke not mention Paul's release if he knew about it. Acts likely written AD 62 shortly before Paul released.
Who was Theophilus, and why do both Luke and Acts mention him? Recip. of Luke/Acts. Theo was prob a wealthy Gent. Xtian & friend of Luke who sponsored the work.
Name and explain briefly the 4 purposes of Luke and Acts. 1.Hist: Who JC is, wht he did. Spred of Xnty Z to Rm 2.Edif: Cnfrms acc & ben. of gospel, encour Xns spk bold about JC & find comf in face of pers 3.Apol: Depic favor recep of gospel in Rome 4.Evang: Prsnts JC as SoM who brings salv. A#of gospel sermons.
State the 3 point outline of Acts, including the chapters in Acts and the dates for each point. 1.Gospel to Jerusalem ch 1-7 AD 30-33 2.Gospel to Israel ch 8-12 AD 33-47 3.Gospel to the R.Empire ch 13-28 AD 47-62
Explain why F. C. Baur believed that Acts was written after the first century. NT church was not uniform in beliefs. Jew Xns of Peter emph keep the law & Gent Xns of Paul emph grace & fredm apart from it. Conflict not resolved til after AD 100. Acts shows it resolved cf Jerusalem Council ch 15. Baur dates Acts later c. 110-130.
What does "the Kingdom of God" refer to? Refers not to a geographical area but rather to where God reigns. He reigns in the hearts and lives of those who follow him.
How do Matthew and Acts differ in their description of both the death of Judas and of who bought the field where Judas was buried? How can they be reconciled? Matt: Judas hung himself and the chief priests bought the field. Acts: Judas bought it, fell, burst open & his bowels gushed out. He probably hung himself and fell after. Judas supplied the money, the priests bought the field; they were both involved.
Acts 1:16-17, 20. In what way does Judas fulfill the quotations from Psalms in Acts 1:20? The early church believed the OT pointed to the coming of Christ in a prophetic way. The 2 passages in context deal with enemies of the righteous. The church interpreted them in a greater way calling Judas the enemy of the righteous one: Jesus.
State the chronology of the 50 days from the death of Jesus to the Day of Pentecost. 1. Death of JC to resurrection 3 days 2. JC w/disciples 40 days 3. Disciples waiting in the upper room 7 days 4.Pentacost
Pentecost (a) What does the word ‘Pentecost’ mean and (b) what was the purpose of this Jewish feast? (c) What was the original OT name for this feast and (d) why was is now called Pentecost? (a) Means "fiftieth" (b) Purpose: To celebrate the end of the wheat harvest. (c) Original Name: Feast of Firstfruits/Feast of Weeks (d) It is now called Pentecost b/c it was fifty days after the passover when the Holy Spirit came.
Name and describe the three phenomena connected with the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2. 1.SoundOfWind. Wind represents God moving through his Spirit 2.Tongues of fire. Perhaps 1 flame that separated into smaller ones. Fire a symbol of the presence of God. 3.Tongues. Shows supernatural nature of the event. The 3 signs signal a new work of God
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