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Stack #86119

Treatment Procedures of the Cardiovascular System

aneurysmectomy surgical removal of an aneurysm
artery graft replacement of an artery portion
angioplasty surgical repair of a blood vessel
artificial pacemaker electrical device implanted to provide the electrical impulse needed to keep the heart beating at a normal rhythm
atherectomy removal of plaque from the artery
cardiomyoplasty surgical repair of the heart muscle by adding skeletal muscle or replacing cardiac muscle
cardiorrhaphy surgical suturing of the heart
cardiotomy surgical incision into the heart
cardioversion defibrillation, an electrical charge is applied to the chest to stop an arrhythmia
commissurotomy surgical incision to change the size of an opening, done to correct valvular stenosis
coronary artery bypass graft (cabg) open heart surgery to bypass an obstruction of the coronary arteries
defibrillation electrical shock used to return the heart to a normal rhythm
embolectomy surgical removal of a blood clot from a blood vessel
endarterectomy surgical removal of a blood clot from a blood vessel
extracorporeal circulation circulation of blood outside the body, used during open heart surgery
heart transplantation replacement of a malfunctioning or damaged heart with a donor heart
intra-aortic balloon pump (iabp) mechanical device to improve blood flow in weak hearts
intracoronary artery stent surgical placement of a stent to open the narrowing of the coronary artery
intravascular thrombolytic therapy drugs are injected into a blood vessel to dissolve a blood clot
percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (ptca) a balloon catheter is inserted into the coronary artery and inflated to increase the opening of the blood vessel
pericardiectomy surgical removal of a portion of the pericardium
pericardiocentesis aspiration of the fluid from the pericardial space
phlebectomy surgical removal or resection of a vein
phleborrhaphy suturing of a vein
phlebotomy drawing blood
sclerotherapy chemical injection into a vein to destroy it
stent device placed in an artery to prevent furthur narrowing
thrombectomy surgical removal of a blood clot
valve replacement removal of a defective valve with the replacement of an artificial one
vein litigation suturing off a section of vein
venipuncture surgical puncture of a vein
venotomy surgical incision into a vein
vein stripping removal of a portion of a vein
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