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Stack #86083

Diagnostic Procedures of the Respiratory System

arterial blood gases (abg) blood drawn from an artery to dertmine the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide
bronchography xray of the lung using radiopaque dye to visualize the bronchial tubes
bronchoscopy visual exam of the bronchi using a bronchoscope
chest xray xray pictures of the lungs from the back and the side
complete spirometry measures the breathing capacity of the lungs
computerized tomography (ct scan) sliced views on film of the chest
culture and sensitivity testing sputum for bacterial growth, sample grown in lab
laryngoscopy visual exam of the the larynx using a laryngoscope
lung biopsy lung tissue sample taken by bronchoscopy for analysis
magnetic resonance imaging (mri) magnetic fields used to view the chest
pulmonary angiography dye injected to view the arteriees and veins of the lung by xray
pulmonary function test (pft) measures the gas exchange and lung volumes to determine respiratory function
sinus xray xray of the front of the head to view the sinus cavitites
sputum cytology testing sputum for cancerous cells
thoracentesis puncture of the chest wall with a needle to obtain fluid
throat culture swab of the pharynx to test for bacterial growth
tomogram roentgenography of selected layers of the chest to examine lung fields
tuberculin skin test applying agents to the skin (tine test) or under the skin (intradermal) to determine exposure to tuberculosis
ventiliation perfusion scan views perfusion defects in ventilated areas of the lung
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