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WR Quiz1

First Quiz World Religions

Why are some forms of religions called Primal? Come before other religions
Totem/Taboo Natural form ancestors appeared to remember them/forbidden, off limits, certain activities some people weren't allowed to do.
Why is ritual essential to aboriginal life? believed it was the only way to access sacred power or experience God
What purposes are served by these rituals? It was meant to awaken young people, They learned essential truths, got in touch with ancestors
Trickster figure Mischievous supernatural being
Divination Trying to learn someones future
Wakan Tanka God of Native American Indians; they believed he was 16 different gods
Inktomi Trickster that does both good and bad things
What do NA believe happens when we die They believe we have 4 souls, one travels, meets wise old woman who decides whether or not they go to heaven or come back as ghost. Other 3 implanted into unborn children.
Why did the sun dance people tear their flesh? Only thing they own that they can give back to god.
What 3 themes were shared by by primal religions? Supernatural and the human are very close together, the boundary between them is thin and can be crossed very easily, the universe is full of religious significance, the traditions of the primal religions are constantly changing (They were pre-literate.)
Native American - Experiential Vision quest
African - Mythic Trickster Figure
Australian - Doctrine totemism
Native American - Ethical Errors of Inklomi
Aztec - Ritual Human Sacrifice
Australia - Social taboo
Aztec - Material The Great Temple
Created by: abeyer
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