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Stack #85804

Treatments and Procedures of the Integumentary System

adipectomy surgical removal of fat
cauterization destruction by freezing, hot iron, electrical current, or chemicals
chemobrasion chemicals are used to scrape away the surface
cryosurgery freezing to destroy tissue
curettage surgical scraping of superficial lesions
dermabrasion sanding of the skin
debridement removal of damaged or dead tissue from a wound or ulcer
dermatoplasty transplanting of skin, skin grafting
diathermy high frequency current to generate heat to a specific site on the body
heliotherapy ultraviolet light therapy
incision and drainage creating an opening to drain fluids or pus
injections insertion of a needle
laser therapy using a laser beam to remove lesions
lipectomy surgical removal of fat
liposuction suction is used to remove fat
onychectomy removal of the nail
rhytidoplasty face-life, removal of wrinkles
skin graft surgically removing good skin from a healthy site and applying to a damaged site
suture closing of a wound or incision
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