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Phleb Tech Spec 5

From Phlebotomy Technician Specialist #5

Sphgmomanometer an instrument for indirectly determining arterial blood pressure. 2 types are aneroid and mercury
spinal cavity the cavity of th body that houses the spinal cord
ST segment isoelectric line from the end of S wave to the beginning of T wave
tandards that which is established by custom or authority as a mode or rule for comparison of measurement
stratum conreum the outermost horny layer of the epidermis
stratum germinativum the innermost layer of the epidermis
strike through containmination caused by pathogens being transported through a wet barrier from a nonsterile area to a sterile area
subcutaneous beneath the skin
sublingual beneath or concerning the area beneath the tongue
superficial pertainint to or situtated near the surface
superior in anatomy, highter; denoting upper of 2 parts, toward tertex
supine lying on the back, face up
suprapubic located above the pubic arch
surfactant surface-active agent that lowers surface tension
suseptible host a person who has little resistance to an infectious disease
sweeps hospital rounds which occur at regular intervals throught the day
synapse space between adjacent neurons through which an impulse is transmitted
syncopal a transient loss of consciousness resulting from and inadequate flow of blood to the brain, relating to or marked by syncope
syncope transient loss of consciousness resulting from an inadequate flow of blod to the brain. The patient exper. a general. weakness of myos, loss of postural tone, inability to contin. standing and loss of consciousness
systemic circulation flow of O2 rich blood to all body tissue and organs from left vetricle via the arteries and the return of O2 depleted blood to the R. atrium via the veins.
systole Contractions of the chambers of the heart, in which blood is pumped from the chamber
T wave represents repolarization (relaxation) of the ventricles
tychycardia An abnormally rapid heart beat. Usually defined as a heart rate greater than 100 bpm in adults
tachypnea abnormal rapidity of respiration
therapeutic pertaining to results obtained from tx
thrombocyte platelet
thromboplastin substance secreted by platelets when tissue is injured; necessary for blood clotting
thrombosed denoting a vessel containing a thrombus
topical local. generallly refers to the application of a substance to the skin
tort a private wrong or injury, other than a breach of contract, for which the court will provide a remedy
tourniquet any constrictor used on an extremtiy to apply pressure over an artery and thereby control bleeding; also used to distend veins to facilitate venipuncture or intravenous injections
traits personal attributes, characteristics, and/or behaviour that you consistently demonstrate and that describe you (cheerful, outgoing, hard working)
transparency in reference to urine, the ability or difficulty to see through a specimen
transverse plane a plane that divides the body into a top and bottom portion
Tricare 3 options managed health care prov. offer to spouses/depend's of employee with uniform benefits and fees implemented nationwide by the federal govt.
tricuspid valve 3 part valve located between the right atrium and right ventricle
tunica adventitia outermost fibroelastic layer of a blood vesssel
tunica intima the lining of a blood vessel composed of an epithelial layer and the basement membrane, a connnective tissue layer, and usually an internal elastic lamina
tunica media middle layer in the wall of a blood vessel composed of circular or spiraling smooth myo and some elastic fibers
turbidity opacity caused by the suspension of flaky or granular particles in a normally clear liquid
U wavend th follows the T wave. Usually of low voltage; maybecome more prominent in some electrolyte imbalances, heart disease, or as an effect of medications
unipoloar lead measures absolute electrical force at the site of a positive electrode
universal donor with type O blood which has no A or B antigens; can donate to all blood types
universal recipient an individual belonging to the AB blood group; can accept blod from all blod types
uremia the presence of urea and excess waste products in the blood
urethra a canal for the discharge of urine extending from the bladder to the outside
usual and customary fee by insur. comp's. employs a complex system invovling fees charged, the fee that is customary in the same geographic location and the reasonable fee
uvula the protection hanging from the soft palate in the back of the throat
vascular access devices (VAD) indwelling catheters. mainly consist of tubing inserted into a main artery or vein, customarily the subclavian, located in the chest below the clavicle. Used for admin. fluids and meds, monitoring pressures and drawing blood.
vasoconstriction decrease in the caliber of the blood vessels
vector path or impulse representing the direcion and magnitude of the heart's electrical current
venipuncture puncture of a vein for any purpose
ventral cavity anterior portion of the front side of the body, pertaining to the belly
vetricle small cavity or chamber as in the heart or brain. lower pumping chambers of the heart
villi hairlike projections, as in intestinal mucous membrane
vital signs heartbeat, body temp, respiration, blood pressue
void to evacuate bowels or bladder
waves deflections from the baseline of the ECG
wheal a more or less round and evanescent elevation of the skin, white in the center with a pale-red periphery, accompanied by itching
Created by: wildmindgirl