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Phleb Tech Spec 1

From textbook: Phlebotomy Tech Specialist

2 hour postprandial (2 hour PP) Collection of the speciment occurs 2 hours after the ingestion of the last meal.
3-T's Training, treansferable skills,Traits
Abandonment: . A premature termination of the professional tx relationship by the health care provider without adequate notice of the patient's consent
Accession Number A unique number given to each test request
Acid-base balance: The mechanisms by which the acidity and aldalinity of body fluids are kept in a state of equlibrium so that arterial blood is maintained at aprox. 7.35--7.45 PH level
acidosis: an actual or relative increase in the acidity of blood caused by an accumulation of acids or an excessive loss of bicarbonates.
aerobic: living only in the presence of oxygen. Concerning an organism living only in the presence of O2
Afebrile: without fever
afferent: carrying impulses toward a center
agranulocyte: A nongranular white blood cell
albinism: Partial or total absence of melanin pigment from eyes, hair and skin
aliquot a portion of the specimen used for testing
alkalosis an actual or relative increase in blook alkalinity caused by an accumulation of alkalies or reduction of acids
alveoli air cells of the lungs
anaerobic pertaining to an anaerobe; able to live without O2
analyte a substance being analyzed, especially the method of chemical analysis
anaphylactic shock an immed. allergic reaction charac. by acute respiratory distress, hypotension, edema, rash. Can be life threatening.
anatomy the study of the structure of an organism
antecubital in front of the elbow; at the end of the elbow
antecubital fossa triangular area lying anterior to and below the elbow, where the major veins for venipuncture are located
anterior before or in front of; refers to the ventral or abdominal side of the body
anticoagulant an agent that prevents or delays blood coagulation (clumping)
antigen protein or oligosaccharide marker on the surface of cells that identifies it as self or non-self; identifies the type of cell-skin, kidney, etc
antisepis prevention of sepsis by preventing or inhibiting the growth of a causative microorganism
anuria absence of urnine formation
aortic semilunar valve valve between the left ventricale and ascending aorta, make up of 3 half moon shaped cups
apex distal tip of the heart, located between the 5th and 6th ribs just below the left nipple
apnea temporary cessation of breathing
arrhythmia irregularity or loss of rhythm, esp. of the heartbeat. An abnormal heart rhythm
arterial blood gases (ABG) literally, any of the gases present in blood. Clinically, the determination of levels in the blood of O2 and carbon dioxide.
arterial line Hemodynamic monitoring system consisting of catheter in an artery connected to pressure tubing, transducer, electronic monitor. Measures systemic blood pressure, easy acess for draw of blood for study of gases present
arteriole small branch of an artery
arteriosclerosis hardening of arteries, resulting in thickening of walls and loss of elasticit
arteriospasm arterial spasm
articulate distinct and clear enunciation
artifact interference in an ECG tracing
Assault the act of intentionally causing someone to fear that he or she is about to become the victim of battery or incomplete battery
assay the analysis of a substance or mixture to determind the components and relative proportion of each
assignment of benefits the transfer of one's right to collect an amount payable under an insurance company contract
atherosclerosis Pathogenic condition in which fat deposits accumulate in the lining of the arteries
atrioventricular (AV) mode pacemaking cells found in the right atrium of the interatrial septum
atrium an upper, collecting chamber of the heart
ausculate to examine by auscuitation; to listen for sounds within the body
autologous transfustion transfusion of blood donated by a patient before surgery or collected from a patient during surgery
axon process of a neuron that conducts impulses away from the cell body
bacteriemia bacteria in the blood
basophil one type of granulocytic white blood cell. Basophils make up less than 1% of all leukocytes but are essential to nonspecific immune response to inflammation. show an attraction for basic dyes.
battery act of intentionally touching someone in a harmful or offensive manner without the person's consent
bevel point of a needle that has been cut on a slant for ease of entry
bicuspid valve also called the mitral valve. Atrioventricular (AV) valve of the left side of the heart
bilateral symmetry relating to both sides of the body equally
biohazardous anything that is harmful or potentiallly harmful to humans, other species, or the environment
biohazardous waste any waste material that is harmful or potentially harmful to humans, or other species, or the enviornment
bipolar composed of a neg & positve pole; reflecting difference in electroke potential between 2 poles
blood banking process of collection whole blood and certain derived components for processing, typing, storing until needed for transfusion
blood borne pathogen a term applied to any infectious microorganism present in the blood and/or other body fluids and tissues
bolus rounded mass; food prepared by the mouth for swallowing
brachial pertaining to the arm
bradycardia slow heartbeat characterized by a pulse rate below 60 bpm throughout one 10 min. period
bradypnea abnormally slow breathing
bun (Bun Urea Nitrogen) Nitrogen in the blood in the form of Urea, metabolic product of breakdown of amino acids used for energy produc. BUN is blood test that provides rough est. of kidney function
bundle of His nerve figers within the interventricular septum that carry impulses to the bundle branches located in the right and left ventricles
burden of proof must be proven by the client when an accusation of malpractice or negligence is claimed, rather than the health care provider proving none existed
butterly infusion set 1/2-3/4" stainless steel needle connected to a 5-12" length of tubing. The "butterfly" wings are for gripping the needle
calcaneous heel bone
calibrator material or device used to adjust the response or reading of an instrument
capitation system of payment used by managed care plans. Dr's & Hosp. are paid a fixed, per capita amount for each patient enrolled, regardless of the # of services provided over a speciif period of time
cardiac cycle Single rhythmic repetition of the mechanical and electrical events that consitute the heartbeat
carotid pertaining to the right and left common carotid arteries, which comprise the principal blood supply to the head and neck.
carrier person who harbors a specific pathogenicorganism, has no discernible symptoms or signs of the disease, condition or infection and is potentially capable of spreading the organism to others.
catheterization cathr into a part, chamber or cavity.Cardiac cath is the percutaneous (thru the skin) intravascular inser of c. into chamber of heart or great vessels. Proced. used-diagnos./assess. of abnormal. & the interven tx and eval of effects of pathology on H&Vess
causative organism organism responsible for causing an infection
central venous catheter (CVC) catheter insert. into superior vena cava to permit intermittent or contin. monitoring of central venous pressure & to facilitate collect.blood samples for chemical analysis
centrifuge machine used for the process of separating substances of different densisties, such as plasma and RBC's in the blood. The centrifuge spins substances at high speeds
cerebrospinal fluid water cushion protecting the brain and spinal cord from physical impact
chain of custody procedure for ensuring that material obtained for diagnosis has been taken from the named patient, is properly labeled, has not been tampered with en route to lab
chain of infection series of related events that lead to an infection
chemoprophylaxis the use of a drg or chemical to prevent a disease: e.g: the taking of an appripriate med to prevent malaria
cholesterol the most abundant steroid in animal tissues. serves to manufact. bile acids to disgest lipids/fats.
some cholesterol is used to maunfacture hormones such as: testosterone, progesterone and estrogen
Cholesterol is broken into 2 factions: high density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL). In most individuals, an elevated blood level of cholesterol consititutes an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease.
chyme: food which has undergone gastrci digestion
claim billing sent to insurance carrier
clarity the range of clearness to turbidity of a specimen
code-blue need for an emergency team to respond to a patient in cardiac or respiratory arrest
coinsurance cost-sharing requirement specified in a health ins. policy, provid. that the insured will assume a & of the costs for covered services
collateral circulation process allowing tissue to be supplied with blood from an accessory vessel
communication transmission of a message from sender to receiver
complexes groups of related, recorded waves
contractility having the ability to contract or shorten
copayment specified dollar amount that the patient must pay the provider for each encounter; also called copay
coronary circulation blood supply to the myocardium of the heart from branches of the aorta
courier sheet a blank sheet of paper used to attach laboratory reports chronologically, in a shingled fashion
cranial cavity cavity that houses the brain
culture and sensitivity (C&S) process by which bacterial organisms are grown on media and identified & an antibiotic susceptibility (sensitivity) test is performed to find which antibiotics will be effective against organism
customer person, patent or client to whome goods are delivered or services rendered
cytoplasm Protoplasm of the cell body, excluding the nucleus
database compilation of stored info in a unique software program that can be processed or produced by a computer
deductible specifed dollar amount that must be paid by the insured before a medical insurance plan or govern. porgram begins covering health care costs
deep below the surface
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