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Amenorrhea absence of menstrual flow
Amnion the INNER of two membranes
Amniotic Fluid liquid produced by and contained within the fetal membranes during pregnancy
Amniotic Sac double layered sac that contains the fetus and the amniotic fluid during pregnancy
Areola the darker pigmented, circular area surrounding the nipple
Ballottement technique of using the examiner's fingers to tap against the uterus, throught the vagina, to cause the fetus to "BOUNCE"
Braxton Hick's Contractions irregular, ineffective contractions
Cerclage suturing the cervix to keep it from dilating prematurely
Chadwick's Sign bluish-violet hue of the cervix & vagina
Chloasma tan or brown pigmentation; mask of pregnancy
Chorion the OUTER of the two membranes
Coitus sex
Colostrum yellowish fluid secreted by the breasts
Conception union of a male sperm and a female ovum;
Corpus Luteum a mass of yellowish tissue
Eclampsia hypertension with seizures
Edema swelling
Effacement thinning of the cervix
Embryo 2nd through the 8th week of pregnancy
Endometrium inner lining of the uterus
Epiosotomy an incision is made into the woman's perineum
Estrogen promotes the development of the female secondary sex characteristics
Fetoscope stethescope for hearing the fetal heartbeat
Fetus 8th week after conception until birth
Fimbriae fringelike end of the fallopian tube
Fundus upper portion of the uterus
Gamete mature ovum or sperm
Gastroesophael Reflux a return, or reflux, of gastric juices
Gestation approximately 280 days from the last onset of the menstrual period
Gonads ovary or testis.
Goodell's Sign softening of the cervix
Gravida woman who is pregnant
Hegar's Sign softening of the lower segment of the uterus
Hypertension high blood pressure
Hypotension low blood pressure
Labor beginning of cervical dilatation to the delivery of the placenta
Lactation production and secretion of milk from the breasts
Laparoscopy visualization of the abdominal cavity with an instrument called a laparoscope
Leukorrhea white discharge from the vagina
Lightening the settling of the fetal head into the pelvis; baby dropping
Linea Nigra darkened vertical midline appearing on the abdomen
Lithotomy a position in which the patient lies on her back, buttocks even with the end of the table
Lordosis curvature of the spine
Multipara a woman who has given birth 2 or more times
Nagele's Rule formula used to calculate the DOB
Neonatalogoy branch of medicine that specializes in the treatment and care of the diseases and disorders of the newborn through the 1st 4 weeks
Nullipara woman who has never completed a pregnancy
Obstetrician physician who specializes in the care of women during pregnancy
Ovulation release of the mature ovum from the ovary
Ovum egg
Placenta highly vascular disc-shaped organ that forms in the pregnant uterine wall for exchange of gases and nutrients beetween the mother and fetus.
Pre-eclampsia high blood pressure with edema and/or proteinuria
Pregnancy conception through birth
Primipara a woman who has given birth for the 1st time
Quickening first feeling of movement
Striae Gravidarum stretch marks
Trimester 3 months in which pregnancy is divided
Waddling a manner of walking like a duck
Edema swelling
Abortion termination of pregnancy
Etopic Pregnancy abnormal implantation of a fertilized ovum outside the uterine cavity; TUBAL PREGNANCY
Gestational Diabetes diabetes developed during pregnancy
Hyperemesis Gravidarum severe vomiting, dehydration, & weight loss
Incompetent Cervix the cervical opening dilates before the fetus reaches term.
Bloody Show vaginal discharge that is a mixture of thick mucus and pink or dark brown blood
Rupture of the Amniotic Sac water broke
Sudden Burst Of Energy the energy to do major housecleaning duties
Amniocentesis surgical puncture of the amniotic sac for the purpose of removing amniotic fluid
Cesarean Section surgical procedure in which the baby is delivered transabdominally
Contraction Stress Test stress test used to evaluate the ability of the fetus to tolerate stress of labor & delivery
Pelvic Ultrasound non-invasive procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to examine the pelvis
Pelvimetry process of measuring the pelvis
Pregnancy Testing test performed on maternal urine and/or blood to determine the presence of the hormone HCG
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