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Bugs and Drugs GI

Clostridium dificile type of bacteria anaerobic
How does C. diff spread spores-need to wash hands with soap and water
Symptoms C. diff diarrhea, no blood, crampy pain esp with BM
Complication C. diff toxic megacolon- peristalsis stops and dilates, leads to colectomy because of necrosis
Risk factors for C. diff -abx use, hospitalization
Diagnosis of C diff 2 step testing: ag in stiool, then PCR for toxin (not all C diff make toxins)
Treatment C diff Well: Flagyl 500 PO TID X14 d. Sick: Vanco 125 PO QID X14d, consult gen surg
Relapse tx of C. diff? First: Flagyl. 2nd: Vanco. 3rd: HELP!
Peds and C. diff? Commonly colonized, but unlikely to be causing diarrhea. Don't test for.
When to do stool O&P? Bloody, travel history, longer than 1 week, fever (also consider blood culture)
Typhoid fever organism and mode of infection Salmonella typhi, GN rod, fecal-oral (incl water)
Symptoms of typhoid fever Starts with low grade fever, liver enzymes rise, GI tract weeks later, diarrhea/constipation
Complications tyhoid fever Perforation, GIB, osteomyelitis, septic arthritis
Diagnosis typhoid fever Blood culture, stool culture (3rd week on), bone marrow (CALL ID)
Treatment typhoid Call ID! Ceftriaxone
Risk factors for thrush AIDS (normal in babies), inhaled steroids, immunocompromised
Liver abscess causes *diverticulitis, appendicitis or biliary tree obstruction
Bugs in liver abscess anaerobes, GN
Treatment of liver abscess Drain!! Pip-tazo OR ceftriaxone + metronidazole
Entamoeba histolytica organism type amoeba!! protozoan
Risk factors for Entamoeba Travel history, Mexico, tropical, fecal-oral transmission
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